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Burkina Faso

Compassion began partnering with churches in 2004.

223 church partners


Over 70,316 children registered


519 mums and their babies supported

2023 update from Burkina Faso

Introduce yourself

I am Issaka Kiemtore, National Director of Compassion International Burkina Faso. I have been with Compassion for 13 years. I hold a Doctorate Degree in Human Medicine, a Master II in Public Health, certifications in Nutrition, resource mobilization, leadership. I am married with one child.

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Burkina Faso goes through food and nutrition crisis due to insecurity, food prices inflation, climate change, and residual effects of COVID-19. Consequently, we have almost 1,720,000 internally displaced persons, 180,000 severely malnourished children, 4,900,000 people needing humanitarian assistance, and 3.4 million food-insecure households, according to trusted sources as CONASUR and OCHA. The projected situation in these clusters is quite alarming and calls for prompt responses before deterioration of the situation. We submitted an intervention and secured funding for targeted food-insecure participants and their families through food assistance to 20,295 participants and their families including:

  • Supplying 12,023 participants and 409 church partners staff, pastors and church partners committee members' households with 100kg of cereal per month for 4 months.
  • Providing 1,200g of enriched flour to each of the 8,000 children from 0 to 4 years, for 4 months.
  • Cash transfer to 563 participants in insecure areas.
  • Recovery for 6,500 caregivers.
  • Paying for 6,500 caregivers' Income Generating Activity training fees for business start up through fertilizers and production kits for growing maize and cowpea.

Compassion Burkina Faso's areas of strategic priorities are related to increasing participants' school performance, access to secondary and technical education, health promotion and prevention through malaria control and immunization against meningitis and hepatitis B, water and sanitation in rural areas with a lower rate to potable water access, livelihood and household security through food supply, agricultural production, Income Generating Activities and saving groups implementation, reinforcing Frontline Church Partners community anchoring for child protection, and youth employment. The nationwide insecurity situation is raising new needs and challenges; around 2 millions are internally displaced and over 60% of them are children and youth. In Compassion program we have more than a thousand displaced participants with their families. Overcoming challenges related to education, health care, food, shelter, safety, child protection in the context of insecurity is an area of focus for us.

God is answering our prayers! The local staff are benefiting from God's protection in their going out and coming in and we can't but be grateful for this. We are able to continue implementing the program, providing close support and responding to expressed need thanks to God and to donors and supporters like you. These are testimonies of the faithfulness of God toward our ministry.

Program impact on participants, families as well as church partners' community anchoring is significant. Local partners are gaining visibility as they serve with confidence despite challenges. Compassion's partnership with the church is highly appreciated by community leaders as a development and unification tool, thanks to the tangible results in terms of child sponsorship, health care, education, potable water access. We are also witnessing caregivers and youth empowerment, mindset shift about poverty, dignity restoration, livelihood improvement through saving groups and Income Generating Activities.

How you can pray

Thank you for praying for staff, children and families in Burkina Faso

  • Thank you for your prayers and all kind of support you have been providing us with so far.
  • Please keep on praying for God's provision and protection over participants, caregivers and Frontline Church Partners and Compassion International staff, particularly for those in areas affected by insecurity.
  • Also pray for more wisdom from God for all stakeholders in supporting appropriately children and youth in this difficult season.
  • Give thanks that Compassion's partnership with the church is highly appreciated by community leaders as a development and unification tool, thanks to the tangible results in terms of child sponsorship, health care, education, potable water access.

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