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2023 Update from Bolivia

Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Mario Vásquez, and I am the National Director for Bolivia. I am working in this extraordinary organisation dedicated to the ministry with children, Compassion, for 38 years. During this time I had the privilege of seeing God's work in the lives of youth who became prepared for all good work.

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The biggest challenge that children and youth are facing is domestic violence. Parents or people who are in charge of children and youth do not take the responsibility of discipling the members of their family and this is a vicious circle that repeats generation by generation; eventually, children who suffered some type of violence in their childhood, may become adults that cause violence to other vulnerable children.

Bolivia is a country with abundant resources where poverty does not need to exist. I believe we can break the negative mindset that poverty perpetuates. The context says 'your parents were poor, you will be poor too' but there is hope and we work to help young people see a different future.

Praise God we developed a program called 'Removing Lies and Planting Truths' under the biblical perspective. This model of holistic development of children seeks to return to the original design described in Genesis chapter 1 and 2. It intends to remove the lies that children and youth constantly hear and to exchange them for the biblical truths like: 'you are unique, God has created you as a singular person and He loves you', 'God has given you the same potential as a seed to grow and become a great tree'. In this program we have a space for youth called GAP. One young man found it to be like an oasis in the desert as he discovered another way to release the pressure he was carrying at home.

Despite of having a good program, we do not always have success. To unlearn and learn all over again is a process that requires the absolute participation and commitment of youth. However, something extraordinary happens for those who decide to change. A clear example of this is that from the 61 people or the staff of Compassion Bolivia, the 50% of them are former sponsored children and a 50% of this percentage are fulfilling roles of leadership.

How you can pray

Thank you for praying for staff, children and families in Bolivia

  • There are many important people caring for these children within this good story called Compassion, Including the tutors, who everyday are interacting with the vulnerable population of children, and you the sponsors, who give your money in faith as the child who presented to the Lord Jesus his two fishes and five pieces of bread so that the Lord would multiply until it overflows.
  • I encourage you to pray for tutors and sponsors, that God would prosper and reward them all as His promises are.

Writing to your child is the best way to build a relationship, and your words of encouragement can mean the world.

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