The power of child sponsorship

Child sponsorship meets the core needs of children living in poverty. But it is so much more. Child sponsorship is changing children’s lives and helping them become more than they ever thought possible.


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Former sponsored children were asked to write what they wish their sponsors knew about the difference they made in their lives.

Sponsorship helps transform lives

A life in poverty seemed like the end of the story. But with sponsorship, it was just the beginning.

Owen's Story

“The absolute worst thing about poverty is a hopelessness.

I grew up with what you would call abject poverty. I woke up in the morning and I had no idea where the next plate of food would come from. When I was sponsored, church opened up for me. That was very instrumental because these people became instant mentors and they started to speak life into my life. That was beautiful to have somebody championing for you, on the side-line telling you, “‘Keep going keep going, there's hope, there's light”

Owen Githanga, Kenya

Liz's Story

“At that time my dad was struggling with alcoholism and my family was facing poverty, so it was really nice to have a person that cared about me. That gave me hope when I was in sadness. If only they knew that all the letters, that all the words she shared with me, were worthwhile. It made a difference.”

Liz Riera Cruz, Peru

Sandeep's Story

“Every single morning, I went shopping in the city dumpster. Every single day, without fail. Because that was the only place I could get a little bit of food. When my sponsor partnered with Compassion, and Compassion partnered with my local church—my life changed. I got food, I got shelter, I got clean water, I got medical supplies. But the most important thing I received, was the word of God”.

Sandeep Maity, India

Your commitment today can help change a child’s tomorrow

Child sponsorship has the power to help change a child’s future. You can be part of that incredible story by choosing to sponsor today.

Your commitment of $56 a month helps our church partners to give a child, protection, education, confidence, the chance to experience the love of God and good health and medical care as needed.

You will join them in helping to give a child a better childhood


Medical Care

Safe Place




You also have the opportunity to build a life-transforming relationship with the child and
their whole family by writing and receiving letters of hope and encouragement.


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