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Can’t commit to long-term child sponsorship? We have an alternative that might work for you! For most of us, it is hard to predict our circumstances in the next five years, let alone ten or more. We understand that committing to long-term child sponsorship can seem like a huge undertaking. However, we want to let you know that sponsoring an older child can be a wonderful alternative to make an impact on a young life.


After eight years, Nicaraguan fifteen-year-old Sergio found his sponsor could no longer support him.  


Through changing circumstances, many sponsored children find themselves without a sponsor at a critical time in their life’s journey. Maybe their sponsor has had to stop supporting them, or the child’s family circumstances have left them in need, and they end up in our sponsorship programme. Children 11 or older can find it more difficult than younger children to get a sponsor because of their age. You could be an answer to their prayers and find sponsoring more rewarding. You could play a part in helping to positively shape their lives for their adult years.


Getzemani was abandoned by her mother but despite being older, has a sponsor and found family at her local Compassion Centre in Guatemala.        


By sponsoring an older child, your commitment is shorter, the letters they write are often more articulate and engaging, and you can encourage them at an age where life can be more complicated to navigate.

We appreciate your kindness and generosity and would love to help you make a positive impact on a young person's life.

If you would like to sponsor an older child, you can visit tearfund.org.nz or call 0800 800 777.


Here are some testimonies from former sponsor children whose lives have been changed.


“When I was seven, I was shining shoes in the streets and when I was 23, I was already an IT Manager. All because someone decided to invest in my life and to sacrifice so I could have opportunities.”

– Tony Beltran, National Director of Compassion Dominican Republic

“Sometimes you can’t believe in a dream until someone else believes it with you. Today, I’m a doctor, a wife, and a mother to a precious daughter of God. My dreams came true.”

– Yanelly Suero, Doctor from Dominican Republic

“Before sponsorship, I experienced hunger, but sponsorship changed my life. Now, I’m getting my PhD in food security and focusing on how we can create policies to help more farmers like my mum have enough to eat.”

– Collins Bugingo, PhD student from Uganda


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