Seven reasons to sponsor a child

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1. By sponsoring a child, you can reach an entire family

Compassion child development centres aim to help the most vulnerable children in different communities. Even though children only can be registered in the programme, the help provided by church partners reaches entire families.

“We provide the families with monthly food baskets. The programme focuses on children, but the food is for the whole family. Several times a year, activities are run specifically for parents, such as health and nutrition workshops, and tutors make home visits to share the lessons with the whole family. For example, caregivers are taught how to prepare healthy meals for their family,” says Eduardo, a Compassion centre director in Bolivia.

The loving support offered at the centre and the church help to develop not just the child but the people around the child—transforming families.

"For instance, one father struggled with alcoholism, but once his child got involved in the programme, he started to change. First, the siblings came to church, then the mother, then the father—who is now a church leader. Entire families are supported!”


2. Your sponsored child will receive holistic support

Compassion’s programme works with the child in different areas, helping them to achieve better health, nutrition, education, vocational support, safety, protection, and socio-emotional development.

“I like that my daughters are part of the programme. The tutors and staff help my children with their homework and receive medical check-ups and school materials. I know that everything they learn is good for them. Since Nadia came to the centre, she has liked to help me with everything, as she was taught in the programme. Also, my daughter says, ‘We have to pray before we eat,’ so now we do that at home,” says Shirley, Nadia’s mother.

Seven-year-old Helen says, “I like to come here to the centre to play and sing. I like the snacks and the Bible stories that my teacher tells us.”

Children are also encouraged to practice sports and develop their talents. In addition, they learn to have healthy relationships with the other children, build good friendships, and support their friends.


3. You’ll positively impact a child’s confidence, skills, and prospects

Children are helped to develop their talents and gain new abilities.

“I learned to play the keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. Other boys also learn to play the charango (traditional Bolivian instrument). It’s important to learn to play instruments. I want to worship the Lord and play at church,” says 12-year-old Jhonatan.

“The technical training teenagers and youths receive, and everything they learn during the programme will help them when they graduate. The outcomes will be seen in the future. The youth are helped to be economically Independent through a career or even start their own business,” says Eduardo.


Caption: Nadia draws a letter to send to her sponsor with help from her mother Shirley.


4. You’ll have a friend on the other side of the world who loves you

Children and sponsors create a special bond through the letters they write to each other. Children feel special when they have a person on the other side of the world who cares for and loves them.

“My daughter’s sponsor sends letters to her, and she is happy with that. I want to tell him, ‘Thank you very much for all your help!’” says Shirley, Nadia’s mother.

“Letters encourage children when they receive them. They feel excited to write a letter to the person who supports them. Children seem happier when they receive letters from their sponsors because it’s a way to interact with them. That relationship helps them go ahead. They feel enthusiastic when they receive or write a letter, even when they are drawing pictures for their sponsors,” says Eduardo

Children know who their sponsors are. They know their names and even where they are from.

“My sponsor writes to me. Her name is Karen, and she is nice. She asks me how I am and about what I like. I like it when she writes to me and when I write back. I pray for her, and she prays for me too. I’m thankful for her help,” says Jhonatan.


5. You can help to transform a child’s quality of life

The support that children receive in the programme helps them improve their situations. Families are being transformed and living in better economic, emotional and spiritual ways. Parents receive counselling when they have problems, and children are even improving their behaviour and attitudes.

“Since I came to the centre, I have changed because I behave better than before. Here they teach me not to lie, steal or do bad things. So now everything changed, even my family. My whole family now comes to church, too,” says Jhonatan.

“We can see the changes in the children's lives. For example, they learn about healthcare and hygiene through the lessons they receive, and now they brush their teeth. In every lesson, they have challenges to be applied at home. For example, some children were used to walking around dirty and were keeping their things messy. Now, the tutor visits them to do the follow-up, and she can witness they are learning, changing little by little, and living in better conditions,” says Eduardo.

“My family is better since I’ve been in the programme. I’m also a better student. I’m the second-best student in the class. I’m obedient, too,” says Jhonatan.


Caption: Hugo gets support and care from his tutor at the Compassion centre.


6. You can help a child to be known, loved, and protected

Many children find in the centre a second home where they feel comfortable, safe and happy.

“I like to speak with my tutor. She cares for me and advises me when I’m not doing things right, so I know I can count on her,” says 10-year-old Hugo. Children trust their tutors and have a trustworthy relationship.

“The children tell their tutors about their lives, difficult moments, or problems at home. We want children to feel the church is their family too, so they can feel we care for them, protect them, and love them. That we know they are important,” says Eduardo.

Children even encourage their parents to go to the centre if they have an emergency or need support because they are confident that they can count on the centre staff. “My tutor treats me well, and she cares for me. So, if I had a problem, I know she would help me and make me feel better,” says Jhonatan.


7. You will help release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name

Families experience different types of poverty, such as spiritual, emotional, cognitive, social and material poverty. The programme aims to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. They can be released through all the support children and their families receive.

“We guide the children when they are here. They have a new way of thinking and a Biblical worldview. We also witness the gifts and talents they have and can also use to be released. Their lives are being transformed. The fruit of the work that’s being done will continue to be seen. God is blessing this work,” says Eduardo.

“As they grow up, they adopt principles and values for their lives, and their lives will show the change when they get older. In the future, they will not only help their families but will be serving their whole community.”


If you feel inspired to make a difference in a child’s life, click here to choose a child to sponsor


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