From small insights to study booklets and comprehensive books, learn about global issues and the response you can make. Challenge yourself with small steps to a lifestyle revolution. And why not request a justice workshop or speaker from Tearfund?


Live a Life of Justice

Join the dots between your faith and global injustices, to live in sympathy with the world’s needs

  • An Introduction to Human Slavery Tearfund NZ

    An Introduction to Human Slavery Tearfund NZ

    By Reverend Francis Ritchie, 2014

    Slavery predates human records and was institutionalised in cultures around the world from the earliest days of humanity. Over time though, it has been recognised that slavery breaches, and is an abuse of basic human rights. Modern understandings of it stem specifically from the evolution and eventual abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

  • Break the Cycle

    Break the Cycle

    The poverty cycle can best be defined as the set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention. In these three studies, we examine the causes of global poverty, how to use our voices and advocate for the poor, and how to respond to poverty in a biblical way.

    • Study 1: Experiencing Poverty.
    • Study 2: Breaking the Cycle.
    • Study 3: God's Plan – Our Response.


  • No Longer Slaves – Studies on Human Trafficking

    No Longer Slaves – Studies on Human Trafficking

    Ask us for one – or 10 – FREE copies of our introductory group study guide on the horrid evil that is human trafficking and slavery. The booklet features five studies that show individuals and groups the facts of modern slavery, the history of abolition, and what two of Tearfund’s partner organisations who work on the frontline are doing.

    It’s all wrapped in Biblical principles and a framework for understanding it, and concludes with what we can all do about it.

  • One Helping – Cookbook

    One Helping – Cookbook

    Our exciting new cookbook has recipes all 75 cents or less per helping. It’s packed full of creative dishes from top Kiwi chefs including Ray McVinnie, Annabel Langbein, Julie Le Clerc, Simon Gault, Nadia Lim, and Dr. Libby Weaver. This book is the ultimate guide to surviving Live Below the Line, but also makes a great cookbook any time of year for those who want to eat healthy and save money.

    All profits from the sale of One Helping, goes to support Tearfund's work of rehabilitating and rescuing victims of human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Resources and Workshops

  • Psychosocial Support Booklet

    Booklet mockup
    The purpose of this resource on psychosocial support (PSS) is to provide the reader with a brief introduction to basic psychosocial issues post-disaster and to point the reader to useful post disaster PSS resources.
  • Restoring Hope

    Restoring Hope booklet

    Restoring Hope is a study for individuals or groups interested in learning more about the humanitarian work that organisations like Tearfund do, and investigating what a personal response to global needs could look like.

  • '​Discover' Bible study series

    '​Discover' Bible study series

    Be challenged and inspired by more than 90 Bible studies.
    See what God says about poverty and justice.

  • Discovery Workshop: Tools for Helping Your Church Engage with its Community

    Discovery Workshop: Tools for Helping Your Church Engage with its Community

    Want your church to reach your community? Feel paralysed at the thought of it? Yeah, we understand.

    Tearfund now offers a great tool to help churches walk towards people in their own locale. Discovery is an interactive process that helps churches learn the spiritual foundations for community development, identifies their gifts and talents, and the problems and needs in the community. In fun easy steps that anyone can learn, you discover how to research, develop, grow and monitor a community outreach.

  • Good Lives Project – An Experiment in Faith

    Good Lives Project – An Experiment in Faith

    An experiment of faith in action. This seven-part small group study seeks to help us live more responsibly in everything from personal and family finances to day-to-day practices. In the words of the Apostle Paul, it is an attempt to 'conform no longer to the present pattern of the world’ (Romans 12:2).

    It suggests commitments that can be made personally or as a household or family, in the areas of consumption, work and leisure, giving, environment, debt, and investments.

  • 'L' is for Lifestyle

    'L' is for Lifestyle

    A lifestyle revolution for global citizens. Ruth Valerio shows us how, by making small changes, we can learn the secret of a life that is fair and fulfilling. In simple five to six-page chapters, Ruth unpacks the interconnectedness of our actions and the world. “B is for Bananas”, looks at global trade and fair trade.“I is for Investments” shows how to invest away from warfare, and fossil fuels.

    In each very short chapter you are given simple steps to take. Join us and study this book as a group.

  • Living Simply

    Living Simply

    An oldie but a goodie. This classic booklet of 10 studies challenges us to simplify our lives on behalf of the poor and choose more satisfying life principles. With global issues in mind, this booklet gives the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of living simply, freeing up time and money for causes you believe in.

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