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Human trafficking and exploitation are massive problems worldwide—with an estimated 25 million caught in various forms of slavery. Your donation will support the vital work of preventing trafficking, holding perpetrators accountable, and rehabilitating survivors.

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All Gift For Life gifts come with your choice of a card that includes a picture of the gift, the impact it will have, and space to write a personal message. Gifts purchased for the Mother’s Day Edition include a special video message to send to the receiver, which we will send to you by email.

Example physical card

Chanh* escaped the terrors of human trafficking, saying:

quote-marks.png I was a slave, forced against my will. With the help of Tearfund’s partner, I was able to escape. Now, I see my own value, I have freedom. I’m not under control of anyone anymore.

*Name changed to protect identity


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All Gift For Life gifts can be purchased at any time. However, if you select this gift for Mother’s Day, we’ll send Mum a little something extra.

Check out the video to see the special message Mum will receive along with your gift and card!


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