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Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry of organised crime that deceives and coerces people into slavery. Traffickers must be brought to justice.

Your donation can help prosecute traffickers, preventing more people from becoming enslaved. The majority of victims are vulnerable women and children trapped in poverty. Your donation enables Tearfund's partners to help authorities investigate cases of trafficking and exploitation and rehabilitate survivors.

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*Under Alert Level 3, orders for physical cards will be delayed until further notice. Alternatively e-cards are still available for purchase.

You’ll receive a physical card to give to your loved one. Each card has a picture of the gift, a story of its impact on a family in the developing world, and space to write a personal message to the recipient.

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Tearfund’s Partner in Thailand says:

quote-marks.png We managed to expose a network of online paedophiles. The investigation helped identify minors who had been sexually abused and put the Thai-based ringleader in jail for more than 70 years.


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