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Poor nutrition triggers a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition in small children. Sadly, nearly one in two children who die before their fifth birthday do so because of a nutrition-related complication.

An exclusively breastfed child is 14 times less likely to die in the first six months than a non-breastfed child. Your gift helps provide breastfeeding and nutritional support to new mums in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh so families can thrive.

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You’ll receive a physical card to give to your loved one. Each card has a picture of the gift, a story of its impact on a family in the developing world, and space to write a personal message to the recipient.

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Tearfund's partner in Bangladesh says:

quote-marks.png Every baby born in Kutupalong deserves the best chance at living a healthy and full life. Our nutrition teams work tirelessly to end the cycle of malnutrition and disease by supporting breastfeeding women.


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