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Hello! My name is Divan

Divan lives in Indonesia with his mother and father. He is 1. Divan speaks Indonesian Language. When you decide to sponsor Divan, you decide to start a life-changing journey with him.

  • My birthday is on 21 December.
  • I love Art or Drawing.
  • In Indonesia, we speak Indonesian.

About Divan's Country

Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands along the equator between Australia and Asia. The larger islands have central mountain ranges and fertile plains and lowlands. The climate is tropical with a rainy read more... season from October to April. The country squeezes a population nearly the size of the United States into a landmass roughly triple the size of Texas; it has the fourth largest population in the world. Indonesia is also a diverse nation with many resources. More than 700 languages are spoken but the most common is Bahasa Indonesia. Islam claims 90 percent of Indonesians; however, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and animism are also practiced. When Columbus sailed from Spain in 1492, he sought a new route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. The Portuguese arrived in the sixteenth century but in 1602 the Dutch began slowly gaining control of the islands. Following Japanese occupation during World War II, the country, led by Sukarno, proclaimed independence in 1945. Suharto ousted Sukarno in 1968 and held the presidency of the military-controlled republic until 1998, when a collapsing economy fueled riots and demands for reforms. In 2001, the country elected a female leader, President Megawati Sukarnoputri.

About Divan's Community

I live in a City area where the terrain is Coastal. The closest major city to where I live is called Denpasar. There are 13210 people who live here, and most have jobs like Day Labor. The climate here read more... is Humid. Our coldest month is Dec and the warmest is Sep.

Country Comparison

Country Flag New Zealand
Country Flag Indonesia
Number of children under the age of 5 who die per 1,000 births1
Average life expectancy in years1
Infant mortality rate1