767 million people live on $2.85(NZD) or less a day – below the international poverty line.*

Many feel their situation is hopeless. We believe people can change their world.


You can help them get started.

By donating today
you will help set up: 


Self Help Groups

India and Ethiopia.

These groups transform people with renewed hope as they help and support each other to work their way out of poverty. By meeting regularly and combining savings they’re able to grow their money and take small loans to pay for urgent needs, start businesses, and pay for their children’s education. For every $1 invested in Self Help Groups in Ethiopia there’s an estimated $50 return!

Farming co-ops

Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

People thrive and are able to provide for their families as they receive training and access to equipment so they can work their way out of poverty. The average family income increases up to five-and-a-half times as a result!

People like you have helped to set up:

2000+ Self Help Groups

51+ Farming Cooperatives

As a result, people report feeling a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to solve problems they face. But there are many more people in need.

Double your donations

If we raise $200,000 you’ll help to unlock match-funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme, meaning your donations will have twice the impact**!


Will you help by donating today?

Your donation will go to our Enterprise and Empowerment work.


Cristita Salos and her family.

Cristita Salos and her family.

Cristita Salos. Philippines

Mother. Wife. Farmer. 

“I felt helpless because we had nothing...now we are farming lettuce, watermelon, cucumber, eggplant, string beans and other root crops. The savings group also helps us a lot because when we need money for Christina’s schooling we can loan it.
I found out there are people helping us and it makes me feel lightened. For those in New Zealand thank you for the support. Before I felt hopeless but now I have a new hope.”

You can renew hope in people like Cristita by connecting them with Farmers Associations and Savings Groups where they receive the help and support they need. Donate today.


  • 767 million people live on less than $2.85(NZD) a day.

    That’s below the international poverty line.

  • Farming cooperatives – 5.5x income increase

    Incomes increase up to five-and-a-half times after joining our partners’ farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

  • Self Help Groups – $1 = $50

    For every $1 invested in Self Help Groups in Ethiopia there’s an estimated $50 return

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Motivated by Jesus, we encourage Kiwis to act for justice to relieve poverty among the world's most vulnerable people. This is our faith in action.

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*Source: UN poverty statistics
** The New Zealand Aid Programme supports our projects in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Their contribution is limited to $1,266,670 this year