Your donation empowers people like Pathmanathan

Pathmanathan lost her husband in the brutal Sri Lankan civil war. After he died, her and her children were just making it by as she started working as a cook. Then she became chronically ill and working became difficult. Tearfund’s local partner heard about this and introduced her to another way of providing for her family. Now her family is thriving.

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We empower people to help themselves.

We believe people have a right to make a living and provide for themselves and their family, so we empower them to do so.

It’s near impossible to climb out of poverty alone, but when a community comes together, their many hands help to lift each other up. By providing communities with the resources and education to become self-supporting, it empowers them to find local long-term solutions to poverty.

This approach creates a powerful ripple effect that lasts for generations. As a pretty good side effect, many social problems are solved by the community coming together in this way.


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