Donations to LIFT International go through Tearfund, an International Aid and Development Organisation that fundraises for LIFT International, as well as gaining publicity and exposure and providing oversight and direction. 

Because Tearfund is a registered charity, in April you’ll receive an email with your total donations so you can claim back 33% tax rebate from the government. 

Make a monthly donation to join Tearfund’s Protect cause:


A monthly gift of $30 will support Tearfund's partners' rescue, prosecution, rehabilitation and prevention work. We need your on-going financial support to be able to fund our work through our partners Share and Care Nepal, LIFT International, Hagar and Homes of Hope.

  • $230 billion (NZD)

    Is the annual profit generated through human trafficking and slavery. Of that, sexual exploitation generates $150 billion

  • 24.9 Million

    The number of people enslaved in forced labour exploitation.

  • 4.8 Million

    The number of people enslaved in forced commercial sexual exploitation. The vast majority are women and children.