Newborn care is our best pick for a Mother’s Day gift…

Gift a mother in India with vital information on how best to care for her baby (Snuggles). In New Zealand, we take for granted that we have access to healthcare. This is vastly different in some overseas low-income communities. Your gift can help families gain access to healthcare and education to improve the health of their little ones, who are the most vulnerable to the impact of diseases and other health issues. Your gift will help mothers and babies to overcome the health and wellness challenges by keeping mothers informed with up-to-date advice on how to care for their babies and how to get help when needed.

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You’ll receive a physical card to give to your loved one. Each card has a picture of the gift, a story of its impact on a family in the developing world, and space to write a personal message to the recipient.

Example physical card

What Asniman from Indonesia has to say!

quote-marks.png I learnt about how to breastfeed and about nutrition. As a result of breastfeeding, my daughter is healthier than my other two children. I love to learn about caring for children, and the things I have learnt I keep in my heart.


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