For the last 10 years...

Victims are removed from harm and provided
with expert aftercare support.

Convicting and sentencing trafficking offenders helps break the chain of trafficking and exploitation.

As a child, Muad* lived on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand—a city notorious for sex trafficking. Seeing his vulnerability, a Dutch national sexually abused him for years.

In 2020, our partner LIFT, together with law enforcement partners and the Dutch embassy, built a case against the offender and ultimately brought him to justice. Muad received $155,000 Thai Baht ($6,600 NZD) in compensation and the man was forced to leave the country.

Muad now lives in freedom.

“I feel better—like I have a new life!” said Muad. “No other organisation came to help me. Thank you for helping me and for providing justice for me and my family.”

*Name changed for privacy purposes.


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