Will you help support the Covid-19 crisis in India?

Infections have exceeded 2 million, and daily deaths are tragically at global record highs. India is quickly deteriorating into Covid-19 chaos with hundreds of thousands of new cases and thousands of deaths happening every single day.

Their healthcare system is overwhelmed, oxygen is running out,
and bodies are being cremated in the streets as people
have no other option.



How can you help?

With your support, we can help some of the most vulnerable families survive Covid-19 in India.
Donations are already helping thousands with food rations, hygiene items, medical care, ambulance transport, oxygen, trauma counselling and access to hospital care.

Hospitals across India are struggling with a rapid surge of critically ill patients affected with Covid-19. There is a shortage of oxygen supplies, testing kits, PPE, or other essential medical equipment.

As a result, Tearfund is expanding its programme to help resource 19 church-based hospitals being overwhelmed by need. Together, these hospitals serve 7 million people across eight states. These hospitals want to produce their own oxygen, as oxygen suppliers cannot meet demand.
Your donation of:
  • $20 provides a family with essential hygiene items (face masks, soap, and sanitiser).
  • $77 feeds a family for a month.
  • $85 provides an ambulance service to hospital and oxygen for a person in need.
  • $2,150 provides a hospital with an oxygen concentrator.

Will you help support Tearfund’s Covid-19 response
for the people of India?

Pray with us

Life in the slums is hard enough without a global pandemic like Covid-19 ravaging it too. Families were already struggling to survive after quarantines paused their livelihoods. They cannot work, so they cannot earn, which for families living hand-to-mouth means they can’t pay for medical care and even food. Even if families are healthy now, social distancing is extremely difficult in the slums, which means they are at high risk of getting Covid-19 still. For those who have lost loved ones to the virus, they cannot even bury their dead with dignity.

Please join us in responding to the Covid-19 crisis in India. Together, we can save and protect lives!


Please give what you can today.