Born six months and 12,000 kilometres apart, Sienna and Praise live in different worlds. They share similar dreams, but face very different struggles. Yet these 10-year-old girls have built a beautiful friendship that crosses cultures and continents.

Through letter writing, they learned about each other and the world, leading to a meeting they would never forget when Sienna had the opportunity to meet Praise face-to-face in her home in Kenya.

Watch their tear-jerking meeting here.

How sponsorship works

None of us can control where we are born. As a result, some of us grow up without the basics—enough food and clean water, healthcare, education, and often have poor social welfare services.

When you sponsor a child, you support positive childhood experiences by helping meet these essential needs.

With the compounding effects of Covid-19 worldwide, children need our support now more than ever.


Choose a child

Sponsor a child of the same age or gender as your child, or from a country that interests you.


Grow a friendship

Foster a friendship through letter-writing, sending photos, and praying together.


Change the world

When we invest in a child, we invest in a better future for generations to come.

Support positive childhoods  from $52 a month

We believe that having a positive childhood is a basic human right and that every child on our planet should be known, loved, protected and released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

A monthly gift of $52 helps a child receive what they need to grow and thrive. It helps to release them from the burdens of poverty so they can experience a childhood where their needs are met and their future looks brighter.

Find a match

Your monthly support builds a strong foundation

Start on this life-changing journey

We’d love to help match your child with a child in need so they can “grow up together”.
Call us today at 0800 800 777 and we will help you find a match. Or you could find a child through our website.

Sponsored children are 50-80% more likely to complete a university degree.

Sponsored children are 18% more likely to have salaried employment in their adult life.

35,000 children around the world have been sponsored by New Zealanders so far.

Global Minds and Generous Hearts: Family Activity Pack

Help foster global citizens with big hearts right at home with our FREE downloadable activity pack, chock full of ideas and fun to get your kids thinking and the conversation flowing.

Take your child on a date!

On Saturday, November 21, Tearfund is hosting a fun-filled day of activities for parents and children, in celebration of World Children’s Day.

This FREE educational event is going to be heaps of fun with an exciting virtual reality experience where your child can peak inside the life of a child in another country, offer a variety of interactive kids’ activities like face-painting and art stations, and tasty bites to keep you and your little one going. It will also be a great chance to help your child learn more about the needs of kids around the world and make a difference together as a family. RSVP your spots today!

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Watch a surprise meeting

Jenny has sponsored Berry in Indonesia since 2013. They’ve grown close over the years, sharing letters and praying for one another. Now 20 years old and studying nursing, Jenny is helping Berry pay for his expenses while in nursing school.

Jenny thought we wanted to ask her a few questions about her experience with Child Sponsorship. Little did she know we had something else in mind.

The Zoom call between Jenny and Berry was a one-off and is not normally available due to child protection issues.