Can you help us raise $400,000?

We are so close to meeting our goal of raising $13.4 million for our 29 partners so they can show up for the world's most vulnerable, but we are about $400,000 short and we need your help to get us over the line!

The end of New Zealand's tax year is March 31st. That means that any donations you make before then will see you get one-third of that back with this year's tax return.



A little or a lot, it doesn't matter. What matters to us is that our work isn't just about showing up, it's about following through - and we know that matters to you too.

It's about our Faith in Action.
Please make a donation where the need is greatest.

  • $400,000

    left to meet our funding requirements for 29 partners in 30 countries

  • 31st March 2018

    is the end of the tax year. Get your donations in before then to add them to your tax rebate

  • 40 years

    of Tearfund saving lives and changing lives in over 46 countries

What's going on behind the scenes?

When Tearfund takes on a partner, we take it really seriously. Right now we have 29 partners in 30 nations around the globe doing everything from medical care in slums to self-help groups in Ethiopia to food distributions in areas affected by famine. 


We have a conversation with those partners about what they'd like to achieve and ask them for a budget to accomplish those goals. We try and forecast how much we might be able to fundraise. We then send funds in instalments throughout the year and pray hard that the money will come in for them from our donors.

So far, our supporters have generously given but without your help now we will still be $400,000 short of our target.

Where are you short - exactly?

If you imagine that each of our 29 partners had a bucket, then we are short in about 18 of those buckets ranging from 10-34%.

get 33% of your donation back!

Let's talk about Tax Rebates

Every single donation we receive is considered eligible for a tax rebate of 33%. That means if you donate $100 to helping us get over the line, you'll get $33 back*.

If you donate before March 31st, you'll get that money back from April. All donations over $5 are tax deductible and you'll send your tax receipt in April.

When you donate, you'll be giving so much more than money. You'll be giving hope, dignity and life.

*Subject to IRD terms and conditions.


Give Hope

When Chanthavy was seven days old, her mother gave her to her grandmother to raise. At three her mother came back and tried to unsuccessfully 'sell' her to a man.

At 15 she was tricked into a job by her cousin and ended up working without pay, enduring continuous rape and eventually pregnant. By the time Chanthavy arrived to us she'd tried to escape multiple times and survived a murder attempt of both her and her child by her boss. Our team rushed to her side and brought her to one of our safe houses.

We've come alongside Chanthavy with a place to stay, education, counselling and deep care for her wellbeing and future. We are actively pursuing the prosecution of her former boss.

Our hope and Chanthavy's hope is for her to one day return to live with her precious grandmother. Story told by a social worker with Tearfund's partner in Cambodia

Help give hope to people like Chanthavy

Your end of tax year gift to the where it's most needed will give hope, dignity and life to girls like Chanthavy. We are SO close to meeting our goal of raising $13.4 million enabling all our 29 partners around the globe. Can you help us get over the line?

"The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood." John 1:14.

Help restore dignity for families in need

Give Dignity

"I'm a Mum with a daughter who is both deaf and 'dumb', and where I come from in India, that's a big problem. One day a staff member from Tearfund's partner came to my house and told me about the concept of a 'Self Help Group'. She had to visit many times to convince me to join, but when she did, she got all the women in my family.

In this culture women we are taught that we don't have much to contribute. I know better now.

In our Self Help Group, we save and loan money, pay it back and take out bigger loans. One of the most meaningful things the group has allowed me to do is to help my daughter by sending her to a special school that meets her unique needs.

We waited five years for her to speak but she never did. She's a very quiet girl and loves doing her own things. Without this Self Help Group I could not have afforded an education for her. This has given us both dignity."

You can give Life

In a little village in Rajasthan state there are twin babies that are alive right now because of donations from Kiwis like yourself.

When Mitali gave birth to twin baby girls that weighed 2 kilos each she honestly didn't think they'd survive. But Tearfund's partner had been keeping an eye on this family and visited the house with support and advice that kept these babies alive through simple, basic interventions.

Our partner counselled this young mother and her family by encouraging and educating her to exclusively breastfeed till 6 months and then continue with complementary feeding. Furthermore, our partner brokered meetings between this young family and their relatives to gain permission for the mother to stay at home (usually tradition demands the mother goes to work and the grandmother raises the child).

Today these children are almost 2 years old and thriving because of Kiwi donations like yours.

Help give life to the most vulnerable

Can you help us raise $400,000?