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Whether your church or group is big or small, young or mature we have resources and opportunities that will get them started on a journey. Discipleship is about putting our faith in action and when a community of people come together around a cause it is inspiring to see what they can achieve. Let us help your church or group find their cause and empower you to lead the way as you Learn, Pray and Act together for justice.

How does it work?

Connecting your Church, youth group or home group to Tearfund is simple and you choose the level of engagement that that will work for your faith community. The main emphasis is learning together, praying together and acting together. You lead the way to activate your faith community, we resource you and provide inspiration and support. They take what they have learnt and put their faith in action fundraising and advocating for justice together.

CAUSES Tearfund works in four main areas which we call causes Modern Slavery, Disasters and Conflict, Child Development and Farming and Enterprise. You can choose to support Tearfund’s work across all four causes or focus on one that you are particularly passionate about.

LEARN As a leader your influence and enthusiasm will act as a catalyst to ignite interest and passion in the cause you choose. Use the resources available to build awareness on the issues that relate to your cause. Connect with the other learning opportunities on offer and take your church, youth group or small group on the journey with you. A relationship manager will be allocated to support you every step of the way.

ACT Encourage your church, youth group or home group to organise a fundraiser, host a workshop, invite a Tearfund speaker, use the home group resources, participate in a Tearfund campaign, host an event, make life changes to support ethical commitments and care for creation.

PRAY As you learn about Tearfund’s partners and the work they are undertaking around the world begin to pray for the work and the partnerships with vulnerable communities that are bringing lasting transformation to people’s lives.

SIGN UP TO THE CONNECTED CHURCH NETWORK Register your church community, youth group or small group. This will connect you with a Tearfund staff member who can help get you started on your journey. Set a target for fundraising, big or small, you choose. Find out about current events and learning opportunities your community can participate in. Receive regular updates and personalised support.

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What can you expect?

We are a small team but we are here to encourage and support you. We have a range of opportunities for you to get involved, learn about the work and contribute your time and talents to help.

Our causes

Modern Slavery

We believe people are not commodities so we combat human trafficking to protect people from modern slavery and exploitation.

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Child Development

Sponsorship provided through the local church gives children access to good health, education, social support and the chance to hear about Jesus.

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Farming and Enterprise

We believe people have a right to make a living and provide for their family, so we assist people through farming and enterprise.

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Disasters and Conflict

We respond to the needs of people affected by natural disasters and conflict and help to build resilience in communities.

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