Leave a gift to Tearfund in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to Tearfund enables your lifetime passions to live on, whether that's lifting people out of poverty, providing education to vulnerable children, or protecting people from exploitation.

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Your gift, no matter how large or small, will make a lasting impact well beyond your lifetime and make a transformational difference in the lives and communities of those Tearfund serves.

Your gift would be used to benefit our projects with the greatest needs... meaning that your legacy will be maximised through our inspirational global partners to make an even greater impact around the world.

Recent gifts

  • $110,000

    has been gifted to our Sri Lanka Dairy Project helping families work their way out of poverty

  • $10,000

    to Empower, supporting long term, generational change amongst the world's poorest communities

  • $59,000

    has been gifted to Protect, which helps in the urgent fight against human trafficking and exploitation


"I support Tearfund as I believe that the financial funding raised through donations and bequests is well stewarded and administered wisely – both of which are VERY important to me.

I decided to leave a bequest to Tearfund as I believe their work is making a difference in fighting injustice and alleviating poverty around the world.

They are putting faith into practical action and achieving results that transform lives and local communities.  I know anything that I leave them will be well used and help those in greatest need."

- Kate Turner

Leaving a bequest

To make a bequest you need a will. If you already have one and wish to include a gift to Tearfund, all you need to do is update your existing will to include a bequest. Alternatively, a codicil can be added to your existing will.

We recommend that you discuss the type of gift you would like to leave and your proposed codicil with your solicitor, the Public Trust Office or a trustee company.

Suggested wording:

I give and bequeath (choose one of the four options)

  1. ………..……% of my estate
  2. The residue of my estate
  3. The sum of $..................
  4. Description of assets or property

To The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (Tearfund), PO Box 8315, Symonds St, Auckland 1150, Registration CC 21725 for the general purposes of Tearfund. I declare that the official receipt of the Chief Executive or other duly authorised officer shall be full and sufficient discharge to my Trustees.

Memorial donations & In lieu of flowers

Making a memorial donation to Tearfund or a donation in lieu of sending flowers to funerals is a wonderful way to honour the memory of friends and loved ones. In doing so, you will be providing opportunity, dignity and a hope more powerful than poverty to individuals and communities in need around the world.

We’re here to help you

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will, would like further information or to discuss your wishes in confidence, contact:

Engagement Manager – Gifts and Bequests 
09 621 1054