How are our partners responding?

With your help, our partners are reaching affected families by:
  • Distributing multi-purpose vouchers so households who lost their homes in the explosion, and other impacted people, can buy essential items from local shops.
  • Distributing 1000 hot meals a day.
  • Distributing hygiene kits.
  • Offering care and counselling for distressed and traumatised people from people trained in first aid and crisis management.
  • Supporting the clean-up: Helping the most vulnerable families clean up their homes and businesses, and providing basic repairs.
For a nation (a similar size to New Zealand), already crippled by an ongoing economic crisis, Covid-19 and supporting 1.5 million Syrian refugees; this event has left people overwhelmed, broken and wondering how they will survive.

Lebanon was already experiencing a food scarcity crisis and soaring food prices before the blast which wiped out silos containing 85% of Lebanon’s grain supply. Containers of critical medical supplies vital to dealing with the Covid-19 crises were also destroyed. You can help, please donate today. 

Please donate today.