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What to expect

Over the weeks leading up to Christmas, we will use the four traditional themes of Advent to reflect how Christ comes with disturbing grace to bring a just world.  A world where hope, joy, peace and love are treasured and shared with everyone.  Each week you'll receive two devotions in your inbox that delve into one of the traditional Advent themes.  We have sourced some wonderful contributions from some very thoughtful contributors: 

‚ÄčThis year's theme

This year we will be looking at what we are calling the Disturbing Arrival of Grace. There’s a tension here!   

On the one hand, we rightly think of grace as a comforting thing.  Grace lifts us up and heals us.  On the other hand, we can forget that grace can be challenging.  We may need to change our ways of being or attitudes or actions in order to go with the flow of grace.   

If we are aware of our need for grace and willing to pass on the blessing to others, then we will find grace to be an empowering force.  If, however, we arrogantly hold onto privilege and power, then grace will put uncomfortable corrective pressure on us. 

That is the tension of grace. 

What is Advent?

Advent is a historic season of the Christian calendar where we join in with the biblical drama of anticipating the arrival of Christ.  During Advent, Christians reflect on the past coming of Christ in the first century; on the future coming of Christ to heal all things; and on the ways in which Christ comes into our lives in the present. 

Advent is not just about passively waiting, but actively working to align ourselves to God’s purposes. 

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1 Intro The Disturbing Arrival of Grace (Dale Campbell) 

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