Look at this gorgeous face. How can it not make your week? Did you know a toddler can smile up to 400 times a day? With so much love and support to bask in, we think he has the right idea!

For babies born into poverty, the first 1,000 days of life are critical to survival. The following images of gorgeous babies with their adorable smiles are all from Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the 25 countries our partner, Compassion, works to change children’s lives for the better.

Tearfund’s new Mums and Bubs programme keeps mums in Indonesia safe during their pregnancy by providing prenatal and postnatal care, including check-ups, vaccinations, and the presence of a medical professional during childbirth.

What’s more, it helps babies reach their first birthday by ensuring precious children receive immunisations, vitamins, nutritional supplements and growth checks.

We all need a little extra joy, and to celebrate this new initiative for Tearfund, through our partner Compassion, here are some gorgeous photos of babies enrolled in Mums and Bubs programmes for you to appreciate.


This bubba loves spending time at his mums and bubs group! These groups are a crucial touchpoint for mums—a place where they can connect with one another while they receive support and care from the programme.

Beautiful Daniel from Indonesia is held by his mum, Daisy. He’s really happy about it! 

Yay for healthcare! After receiving health information in a Mums and Bubs programme, toddler Fandy, and his newborn sister, are the FIRST in their family to be vaccinated against common childhood illnesses, that in many cases, are deadly. His mum, Li Ha, is so relieved, she says, "He has never suffered serious illness since he was born”. 

Baby Qween is just about tuckered out for the day. Her mum, Syane, received support with breastfeeding at a Mums and Bubs programme. She is now a fierce advocate for breastfeeding in her community. I don’t hesitate to share what I learn from the programme with my friends and neighbours," says Syane. "At least I can encourage them to be confident like me”. 


Baby Adelia sleeps sweetly in her mum’s arms at a Mums and Bubs Group. Friendship is precious, no matter what age you are. Compassion Survival Interventions give mums and babies the chance to create a community and nurture friendships. The result? These happy, contented babies. 

The Mums and Bubs programme enables little ones to not only survive but also to thrive. For $30 a month, you can help form a circle of protection around precious mums and babies just like these ones from their first breath to their first birthday and beyond!  


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