For the children in our program, sponsorship means they are cared for in life-changing ways. But behind the tutoring, medical care, meals or nutritious snacks they receive through our local church partners, there are also staff and supporters like you who invest in their lives, building their self-esteem and encouraging their dreams.

Through your generosity and letter writing, you are giving children a hope more powerful than poverty. How do we know? The children say so!

Hear what these children have to say about what they love most about their sponsors.

"Dear sponsor, you mean so much to me because…"

Dhanusraj gives his brother Dhanuswara a piggyback

You’re proud of me.

“I am able to study and get good grades because of my sponsor. When I grow older I will make my parents and sponsor very proud.” – Dhanusraj (left), age 12

Dhanusraj and his brother Dhanuswara both get to learn and grow at their child development centre together.

Jasmitha stands with her arms folded, standing up, shyly smiling to the camera

You make me feel special.

“My sponsor has taught me how to love and care through her letters. Her prayers have always made me feel special and blessed.” – Jasmitha, age 10

Jasmitha is a Year Five student who has three siblings and loves going to the centre to participate in activities.

Inseparable sisters Rizwani and Krishanthini smile and hold hands outside their cheerful pink house.

Your love stretches across the world.

“I feel blessed to have a sponsor and be loved from across the other end of the world.” – Rizwani (left), age 9

“Every time I think about my sponsor, it makes me happy, which is why I love to draw for her in my letters.” – Krishanthini (right), age 13

Inseparable sisters Rizwani and Krishanthini smile and hold hands outside their cheerful pink house.

Idhaya and his little brother Ajit sit arm-in-arm on the front-step of their home

You can always make me laugh.

“My sponsors enjoy laughing and so do I. I feel special reading my sponsors letters as they encourage me to be cheerful and happy all the time.” – Idhaya (left), age 11

Idhaya is in Year Six and loves playing cricket with his friends and climbing trees with his little brother Ajit.

13-year-old Viki sits in her school uniform beside a garden, with plaits in her hair, smiling to the camera

You share true wisdom.

“I love the beautiful advice that my sponsor gives me every time she sends me a letter.” – Vikneshwaran (Viki), age 13

Viki is in Year Eight. She has three siblings and loves listening to music and singing in her free time.

Dhanes stands with his hands in his pockets, outside in a garden, smiling to camera

I’d love to meet you.

“I would love to see my sponsor and speak with him face-to-face. Seeing my sponsor would be like seeing my father return home from work every week.” – Dhanes, age 11

Dhanes is in Year Seven and is the eldest of three children. He is a bright student who loves history, language and computer classes. Dhanes ranks second in his class!

Prabagaran stands outside in the courtyard in front of a row of houses with tin rooves

You’re so generous!

“I appreciate all the gifts my sponsor sends me. Because they love me so much I am able to stay in the [program] and play longer at the [centre].” – Prabagaran, age 8

Prabagaran is in Year Three and hopes to become a doctor when she grows up!

Sribavani stands on a hill with her hand on her hip, with a village of houses behind her.

You make me feel like family.

“I am so grateful to my sponsors! Despite our distance, they treat me as their daughter, and likewise I look up to them as my mother and father.” – Sribavani, age 15

Sribavani is in Year 10 and the oldest of six siblings. She is studying science and loves to play netball and attend her centre’s computer classes.

We often hear that it’s the personal relationship built through your sponsorship that makes the greatest impact in the lives of the children. This investment into their lives by their program staff and you assures that every student is known, loved and protected.

As a result of being poured into by loving people, the children become more confident in their God-given abilities and talents. They know their worth and value in this world. And, in turn, give love to other children and contribute to their communities!

If you want to be personally connected to a child who needs you, find out how you can sponsor today!

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Words by Kathryn Goldsmith, J. Sangma

Photos by J. Sangma

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