Games of trivia can seem… well… trivial. But what if your general knowledge could help bring freedom for someone trapped in modern-day slavery or help a Ukrainian refugee?  

Tearfund’s Big Quiz Night is a fun easy-to-run event that is being held in churches across Aotearoa on Saturday, August 20, where Kiwis will pit their knowledge against other teams to raise funds for Tearfund’s four great causes: Modern Slavery, Disasters and Conflict, Child Development and Farming and Enterprise. 

You can register your church and find out more here

 Our partner in Vanuatu is helping growers learn more about how to get the best out of their crops.

Tearfund's Farming and Enterprise Cause 
Raising $450 can provide a rural family in Vanuatu with a small coffee plantation to earn an income. 

Communities on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, grow food for their families and sometimes have enough to sell locally. However, the challenge of climate change and frequent natural hazards sometimes leave their families hungry.  

Tearfund’s partner is helping growers learn more about how to get the best out of their crops so they can grow more and improve the quality and variety of what they are growing. 

Our partners have been helping growers increase their incomes from growing coffee and vegetables, and developing agri-tourism. They have also helped growers link to markets for what they produce.   

Johnny has been one of these growers who are benefiting. Johnny’s main income is from coffee. “I only sell my coffee to the Nasi Tuan cooperative that we have set up,” says Johnny. Through the project, farmers like Johnny have access to a pulper, processing equipment, netting for drying coffee and tools. “I want to say a big thank you to New Zealand. Your support gives us a chance to earn an income and send our kids to school. Thank you very much!” 

Find out more about our Farming and Enterprise partner here

The-Big-Quiz-Blog-Panit.jpgPanit suffered abuse at the hands of several men and Tearfund's partner helped give him the justice he deserved.

Tearfund's Modern Slavery Cause 

Raising $600 will provide support for trafficking survivors to recover emotionally and economically. 

Tearfund has partners working across several fronts and countries to help end human trafficking and exploitation. From trafficking prevention and rehabilitation of survivors, through to helping police release people from slavery and secure justice for survivors, Tearfund’s partners are helping people like Panit* from Thailand. 

 Contains sensitive content below.

Panit became an orphan in his early teens. This forced him to survive on the streets. During this time of extreme vulnerability, several men abused him. After meeting online or in person, the men would lure Panit into abuse and give him money. Eventually, Panit got off the street and moved in with a guardian. While he was in an aftercare programme with one of Tearfund’s partners, his counsellor discovered that Panit had been abused, and helped start legal proceedings against one of his abusers. The first legal case against one of his abusers got thrown out of court. The judge said that Panit had been complicit in accepting money. No child can consent and no amount of money paid changes that. Unfortunately, some judges around the world are not aware of this.  So, Tearfund’s partner pursued justice for Panit and another court case. But this time it was successful and Panit’s abuser was sentenced to 16 years in jail. 
*Name changed for protection.

You can read the full story here. Or learn more about our partners work here. 

A Ukrainian mother comforts her baby and young daughter. Photo: Evgeny Maloletka

Tearfund's Disaster and Conflict Cause 

Raising $800 can help eight Ukrainian refugee families with access to emergency shelter and medical support. 

An estimated 12 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since Russia invaded on February 24, 2022. Five million of these have fled to neighbouring countries, such as Poland. Refugees often arrive distressed, traumatised and extremely tired after days of dangerous travel. 

Our partner based in Poland, is providing shelter, hot meals, psychosocial support, hygiene items, medical care and warm clothes for Ukrainian refugees. 

Anna* is one of them. “We were warmly received by Tearfund’s partner, and we slept very well. The best sleep in a long time,” says Anna.  

“We’ve left everything behind because my husband and I decided that was the safest thing to do for our children. It’s been horrible to see them exposed to such violence. But it’s so amazing to see people from so many different countries supporting us,” says Anna. 

Anna and her children plan to travel to Germany to stay with her brother. 

You can read her full story in our Correspondent.

*Name changed for protection. 

The-Big-Quiz-Blog-MumsandBubs.jpgOur new infant survival programme is saving lives in Indonesia.


Tearfund's Child Development Cause 

Raising $1,200 can help mums and babies in Indonesia receive the critical support and care they need in their first precious year of life. 

Indonesia has one of the highest mother and child mortality rates in Southeast Asia. Extreme poverty makes pregnant mums and babies particularly vulnerable, because too often, they can’t access critical medical and social services.   

In our new Mums and Bubs project, we’re helping mothers and their babies through that first critical year, when infants are most at risk of illness, malnutrition and early death. Survival Specialists visit them in their homes to provide antenatal and medical care along with immunisations, food and safe water to meet their physical needs. Mums and Bubs Groups meet regularly to provide emotional support to new mums and their babies. 

Your generosity can have a lifelong impact on mothers like Alince, who was the first mum to give birth in a survival programme during quarantine. The safe delivery of her healthy girl was especially beautiful because four of Alince's children passed away; three at birth and one in early childhood.  

"I didn't have the right knowledge on my previous pregnancies," said Alince. "I didn’t know about proper nutrition during pregnancy."  

When Alince joined the programme, she learned how to take care of herself during pregnancy and the importance of nutrition. “It was not my first time becoming a mother, but the things I’ve learned are mostly new to me, especially about nutrition during pregnancy. I should produce baby food made from vegetables, fish, fruits, and meat, instead of giving instant food as I did with my earlier babies," she said.   

The support Alince received helped her feel equipped and confident, despite the trauma of her previous losses. 


To help more people like these and have a good time of quizzing fun, sign your church up to Tearfund's Big Quiz Night. 

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