After losing her younger brother and being severely injured in the earthquake, nine-year-old Mia was overcome with grief. With a broken leg and her house destroyed, it was thanks to the psychological support offered by Tearfund’s partner, Compassion, that she found the strength and courage to face the future. 

Her mother Mara says, “I cannot explain the pain that gripped me after the disaster. God put members of Compassion in my path to save my daughter’s life. I will be forever grateful to them.” 

Untitled-design-(15).jpgAkouvi is standing outside her home in Togo holding her daughter Elizabeth.

With Akouvi’s future looking bleak, she contemplated terminating her pregnancy before encountering staff at a Compassion centre, who gave her a reason to keep hoping for a better future for her family. 

"I always thank God for Elizabeth—my sufferings have reduced considerably.” 

Cristhian and his family receiving food from the centre director Ruth. 

In the face of an ongoing pandemic, 10-year-old Cristhian and his entire family went from living in fear to trusting God, thanks to the centre’s support, which includes weekly calls with a psychologist. 

Cristhain’s father Wilber says: “Who does this? Who gives you food during the pandemic? Who cares for your children like this? Who calls and asks how you and your family are doing, like to psychologist does? We’ve been so blessed! We are one grateful family.” 

Rabbi is pictured with his younger sister, Farzana.

Seven-year-old Rabbi from Bangladesh, was quiet and reserved. With the gift of textbooks from his government school, and dictionaries and grammar books from his Compassion centre, he has transformed into a confident, eager student. 

Their mother Rakiza says, “We are so glad to have Compassion’s library in the village. Through the project, we get access to read interesting books.” 


Single mother, Rosalie from Burkina Faso, was struggling to make ends meet before Covid-19. The pandemic caused her to be even more vulnerable, as she struggled to feed her six-year-old son. Rosalie registered Sylvain in the child sponsorship programme, and they joyfully received food packs and a cash transfer to start her own business. 

“May God bless the centre and the sponsors for providing the resources I needed to start a business. I cannot be thankful enough for the huge support!” 

Charity is wearing a blue dress and is playing outside with her sister, Shanitah, wearing a pink dress and holding a green cup with food in it. 

Aidah, a single mother of three, used to collect food waste from a large dumpsite and sell it as pig food. When she was unable to earn enough money for her children, she became desperate, feeding them from the dump as well. The children were sick, malnourished and failing to thrive when a local Compassion staff member stepped in to help. 

“Without this food, the children wouldn’t be healthy. I am so relieved that Shanita no longer falls sick! What makes me most happy is that our life has completely changed for the better,” says Aidah. 

Yunita and her friends play in the water together near the well belonging to the Compassion project. 

Every morning before sunrise, Yunita and her grandmother walked through their village in Indonesia to fetch water from a nearby well. The water was not clean, but they had no choice but to drink it. Living on the dry island of Sabu makes accessing safe water a struggle. When Compassion’s church partner constructed a well at the child development centre, it changed everything. 

“I no longer have to worry about the water running out at home because I can go to the project every time, turn the tap and get water,” says Yunita. 

Life in their town is difficult for many, but for these three friends from Tanzania, the church has become a place where they can dream big for their future. 

Kuruthum (pictured left) says, “We love coming to church because we get to learn about God, play and they push us to study hard so we can reach our dreams.” 

Soraya is sitting in front of her destroyed house after a 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti on August 14.  

After losing her home in Haiti’s earthquake, six-year-old Soraya prayed for food and God answered her prayer through an emergency box and shelter at her local church. 


While three-year-old Brisaida was playing with her friends at home in Peru, she fell from the second storey. The public health system’s assistance wasn’t enough. Brisaida’s parents didn’t know what to do until the Compassion centre stepped in and provided the care and help they needed. 

“I always pray to God to keep protecting me and also everyone,” says Brisaida. 

If you'd like to learn more about child sponsorship click here.

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