Christmas is such a special time for my family. I love our traditions, the time of reflection during Advent, the excitement on our kids’ faces, and of course, the tasty treats!   

But the page-long list of gifts to buy followed by the mall trips alongside hundreds of frenzied shoppers? Well, that is a tradition we kicked to the kerb years ago, aiming instead for more meaningful gifts that result in less waste and more impact.  

If you find yourself nodding along, saying “yea, sista”, then you should check out the Gift for Life Gift Catalogue, full of meaningful gifts with big impact for people living in poverty around the world. 

From the popular Mini Moo ($75) to our new gifts like Medical Care ($15) and Feed the Hungry ($10) which benefit refugees around the world, we’ve got 17 gifts to fit all interests and price points.   

Each gift includes a newly designed card (choose from a physical or e-card!) with a special message about the impact of your gift and enough space to include a special message from you.   

Need some help choosing? Here are the five most popular gifts and how they are making a difference!  

Mini Moo – $75 

  Mini-Moo.jpg Pathmanthan and her children in Nepal. 

When you give a Mini Moo, you support families like Pathmanathan and her children. After the brutal civil war in Sri Lanka which killed her husband, Pathmanathan didn’t have a way to support herself and her children. She joined Tearfund’s dairy programme in her area, received a cow, and the rest is history! 

“I was given a cow, taught how to make a shed, how to feed and handle a cow, and where to sell the milk. Because of the programme, I now have four cows and my income has doubled. This income means we can live.” 


See a Mini Moo gift in action in Sri Lanka here 


The Greatest Needs – $50

The-Greatest-Needs.jpgChildren in Nepal. 

If you’re looking to make the biggest difference with your dollars, then The Greatest Needs is the perfect gift. When you give The Greatest Needs gift, you help fulfil unmet needs to ensure that no one misses out on the help they need and deserve. This means anything from trauma counselling for human trafficking survivors to skills-building workshops for low-income farmers. Wherever it goes, you can be sure it will have a huge impact. 

Good to Goat – $50 

Good-to-goat.jpgMina at her goat farm in Nepal. 

A goat is a simple yet effective way to help reduce the vulnerability of people in low-income countries. The goat's milk acts as a nutritious boost to the family's diet, and the surplus can be sold at the market to increase the family's income.  

When you give a Good to Goat, you support people like Mina in Nepal, who dreamed of starting her own business in goat farming but was worried she didn’t have the skills to make her dream a reality.  

“After the training I received on commercial goat raising, I borrowed from my women’s group and grew my business to 40 goats! I plan to support vulnerable members of my group by selling them goats for a low price. I dream of making our community a model village for goat farming.” 

Medical Care – $15 

Medical-care-(1).jpgFree medical services in Kutupalong for refugees like Rafique*. 
For people forced to leave everything behind in exchange for safety and an uncertain future, anything that can give peace of mind is crucial. Having somewhere to go in the event of illness means one less thing to worry about. 
Thanks to your gift, refugees like Rafique* can access free medical services at multiple health clinics in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh. This is especially important for new mums and their babies. 

Feed the Hungry – $10  

 Feed-the-hungry-(1).jpgNew mums and babies in Kutupalong refugee camp. 

Did you know an exclusively breastfed child is 14 times less likely to die in the first six months than a non-breastfed child? When you give the gift, Feed the Hungry, you help provide breastfeeding and nutritional support to mums in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh so families can thrive.  

Without this proper nutrition, small children fall into a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition, resulting in nearly one in two children dying before their fifth birthday because of a nutrition-related complication. So, this gift is life-saving!

*Name changed for protection 
**NOTE: If you want your physical card to arrive in time for Christmas, order your gifts by December 18 and check “courier” at checkout! 





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