Every year without fail, we're asked a bunch of honest, raw and sometimes downright hilarious questions about Gift for Life — our catalogue filled with unique and meaningful gifts that can be purchased for someone in the developing world.

It’s no wonder, really. When you’re dealing with goats, high school scholarships, coffee plants, and a little bit of everything in between, well… we understand the confusion.

But there’s one particular question which comes up over and over again. And since we’re all clear as mud on the answer to it, I thought I’d take a moment to unpack it.

Q: Do you send an actual goat from NZ to the family?

A: Nope. Co-ordinating a flock of over-excited goats into a shipping container, sending them across the Indian Ocean, feeding them all the way from NZ to their final destination and ticking off health and safety requirements would be a logistical nightmare… let alone the postage bill.

In fact, that’s true of any of these gifts. Whether you’ve chosen to gift someone a goat, a hen, or fuel for cooking and heating, none of these items are shipped from NZ.

Here’s how it’s done: We partner with local community organisations around the world who are brilliant at what they do. When you buy a Gift for Life, you’re actually making a donation. Your donation goes to one of our overseas partners, allowing them to help the poorest and most vulnerable in the communities they work in, which includes giving families and individuals the gift you’ve selected.

Not only that, but through the work of our partners, they receive so much more. The donation you are making through Gift for Life is funding the entire mission of the project.

For example, when you purchase ‘Double Shot’, a coffee plant, the money goes to our partners who help provide coffee plants as part of their project in Vanuatu. Not only does your donation help provide coffee plants to vulnerable families, but it also helps provide training in agricultural processes and income generation.

Most of us appreciate a caffeine boost to start our day, but your gift of coffee means a whole lot more to coffee growers in Vanuatu.

With every Gift for Life purchase, you’re helping to make a tangible difference that not only impacts the individual or family but has flow-on effects for the entire community.

Invest a little into a place of real need this year by giving a Gift for Life. Giving a little never meant so much!

Visit giftforlife.org.nz to give a life-changing gift today.

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