Kiwis spent $146 million on chocolate in 2020. But how many of us stopped to consider the people behind the bar? Who made our chocolate and under what conditions? Were they treated fairly?  

Chocolate is among the top five imported goods at most risk of using modern slavery in their production. 

Most chocolate starts its journey on cocoa farms in West Africa, where 6 million people work in the industry. Sadly, 30,000 of those people are forced into labour and 1.56 million children are robbed of their right to an education because they have to work instead.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Learn more about the injustices in the chocolate industry and how you can buy better this Easter.  

How you can help 

If your favourite chocolate brands are not transparent about wages and labour rights in their supply chains, contact them!  

Use this template as a guide to email your favourite brands and urge them to increase their transparency by providing information about their supply chains.  

Your email could be the catalyst for brands to include more specific information on their website for all chocolate lovers to find! 

Dear [brand],  

I was considering buying [the product], but I noticed that [brand] does not include much online information around supply chain due diligence and cocoa farmer incomes.  Perhaps I missed this information on your website? If so, please let me know where I can find it.  

I have a few specific questions that I’d really appreciate more detail on. Does [brand] pay significantly above market rates for cocoa beans or pay a premium/Living Income Differential to ensure farmers earn a living wage?  

I’d also love more information about [brand’s] strategy for mitigating the risks of child labour and forced labour on cocoa farms, as I know this is a widespread issue in the cocoa industry.  

I believe transparency around these areas is really important for consumer awareness and positive industry change. Don't be shy about keeping me and your other customers up to date with how you’re tracking on this!  

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Thank you, 

[your name]