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Our Approach

Prevent people from being trafficked. The vast majority of victims are vulnerable due to poverty, so our partners provide opportunities to earn a living as well as educate people on the tactics of traffickers.

Release victims of sex trafficking. Our investigators are highly trained in covert surveillance and work with local authorities.

Prosecute those responsible for exploitation by working with the authorities and providing evidence against perpetrators.

Restore survivors’ freedom and dignity through rehabilitation programmes involving medical care, safe housing, counselling, and vocational training.

If we don’t support our partners with funding, their work falls over. Your one-off donation or regularly monthly support ensures the continued fight against this injustice.


A Child pornography ring destroyed

For the last two years, one of our partners has been working on Operation Blackwrist. Thanks to the collaborative effort of many organisations, 50 precious children were released and 9 sexual offenders across three countries were prosecuted. A website with 63,000 subscribers was brought down.

Our local team on the ground was involved in the police operation that arrested the man administering the child pornography site. They were also involved with identifying victims, representing victims in court, ensuring compensation and supporting the children with aftercare.

Australian Judge Liesl Chapman of Adelaide said of one of the offenders: “You are a child’s worst nightmare, you are every parents’ horror…”

Zero cases of trafficking in a high-risk area

Another of our partners working in Nepal has seen the cases of human trafficking drop to zero within their project group - an incredible result for a high-risk area close to the Indian border.

This has been achieved through women’s empowerment groups. These groups become incredible community support networks, that encourage, provide knowledge and give small business loans to help families to lift themselves out of poverty. They also have a crucial role to play in raising awareness of trafficking.

When communities are not only warned of trafficking, but are given real options to avoid it, we will see more incredible results like this.

The image has been changed to protect Thida's privacy.

Thida’s story

Thida grew up with her grandparents in one of the poorest areas of Cambodia after both of her parents died. One day a man came and offered Thida a job in a sewing factory. He promised she’d make good money to send back to her grandparents. He said she would be protected. He lied. 

Thida was forced to work 13 hour days in a poorly lit, stifling hot factory. She was 14. Poor work was punished with a cane and threats of further violence. She was paid $3 per day for her efforts and was unable to contact her family.

After two years, Thida was taken to a brothel and forced to sell sex to customers multiple times a day. If she refused, she was beaten. She was there 4 years. At one point Thida lost the will to survive and became ill. In her words, “I was like a sick and broken robot, good only for what my owners wanted from me”.

After a traffic accident lead to her escape, Thida was supported by one of our partners. They not only cared for her immediate injuries, but they stuck by her. Over many months, our partner was able to resettle Thida with her grandparents back in the village. They walked with her through trauma counselling and helped her to find dignified employment that she enjoys. Thida dreams of becoming a qualified teacher and loves helping little children to read and write.

Petra, Ido, Olivia and Lulu talk about Modern Slavery

Petra Bagust, Ido Drent and some of our wonderful ambassadors recently got together to talk about what modern slavery is, their own experiences visiting our partners, and what they are doing to try to bring an end to it.

At Tearfund, we are committed to doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore broken lives.

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Could help to fund a social worker - who will walk alongside a survivor as they escape, seek justice and begin to rebuild their lives.


Could support our partners’ work with vulnerable communities - to prevent trafficking. By increasing awareness of what trafficking is, but also by increasing families' incomes and options, so they never have to sell a child into modern slavery.


Could help to fund our partners’ “intelligence hub” - which is at the forefront of international efforts to identify and rescue victims of trafficking and abuse.


*Tearfund works to protect trafficking survivors’ identities so as not to bring them further harm. Images used on this page are recreations.