Listen to their incredible stories

Former sponsored children were asked to write what they wish their sponsors knew
about the difference they made in their lives. A life in poverty seemed like the end of the story. But with sponsorship, it was just the beginning.

Liz Riera Cruz — Peru

Owen Githanga — Kenya

Sandeep Maity — India

Your commitment today changes a child’s tomorrow  

Child sponsorship has the power to change a child’s entire future because of a choice you can make today.
When you commit to give $56 a month, you connect a child to a local church family, open the door to quality education, give access to a medical care, and provide a safe place for them to play.

You give them a chance at a better childhood.

You also have the opportunity to build a life-transforming relationship with the child and their whole family by writing and receiving letters of hope and encouragement.

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