We love partnering with churches and other organisations who care about our causes. To help you spread the word, we’ve created a suite of resources that you can share with your church, friends or family.

Sometimes a chat with someone who knows the resources well is helpful. Feel free to give us a ring to discuss ideas, or to order brochures call 0800 800 777

Tips for Success

We're put together this guide to give you some tips on how to make the most of your campaign. Resources mentioned in the guide are listed below.

Tips for success, click to download

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These resources will help you and your congregation in the lead up to your campaign

  • Church Bulletin

    Two options for information you can include in your church notice/bulletin.


  • PowerPoint notice

    A single editable slide for you to include in your multimedia notices reel.


  • Sermon notes + slides

    A helpful message outline document and editable PowerPoint slides. (2mb)


In the Moment

These resources are designed to aid delivery of our 'Stand with her' campaign, and help people engage more deeply with the story

  • Campaign Prayer

    A short prayer you can use to open or close your time in church.


  • FAQ sheet

    A document with essential facts and answers to common questions


  • Reflection Time

    PowerPoint slides of images and short audio clip. (67mb)



  • Video discussion guide

    A discussion guide for small groups to discuss the ideas and themes in our Stand with her video.


3 Minute Video

Our campaign video tells the story of 'Girl'. She is one, she is many. This piece gives an illustrative insight into a typical story of human trafficking.

Journey Through Advent

To help deepen our understand of trafficking and how it affects people, we’ve themed our Advent email series on “Freedom”. This 4-week series leading up to Christmas explores this theme, and tells the story of how one woman experiences longing, imagining, waiting and receiving freedom in her own life – a life very different from most of ours, with very difficult challenges.

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