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Extreme violence has displaced more than 688,000* people from Myanmar in the past six months. This is the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world today.

Can you help provide relief for the Rohingya people who have fled to Bangladesh?

The Rohingya have been described as the world's most persecuted minority group. Since August 2017, increased violence against the Rohingya has forced thousands of families to flee Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh. Many have arrived dehydrated, exhausted, and terrified - victims of massive human rights abuses. These refugees are now living in overcrowded settlements, and are in desperate need of assistance.

*World Health Organisation: Bangladesh

  • 688,000

    The number of Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh since August 2017

  • 900,377

    The total number of Rohingya refugees now living in Bangladesh

  • 4,560

    Tearfund's partners have already distributed emergency shelter and hygiene kits to 4,560 Rohingya households

How you can help

The Rohingya have struggled to exist in Myanmar for years. Now, many have lost their loved ones, their villages have been destroyed and they have been forced to flee their homeland. Donate today, and you can help Tearfund's partners to:

  • Provide urgently needed winter materials: Blankets for 500 households, and hats and socks for 1500 children
  • Set up Child Friendly Spaces so that 2000 children have access to safe places inside the refugee camp
  • Establish Youth Clubs, where refugees aged 13-18 can participate in youth-focused activities, offering them dignity and a sense of hope for the future
  • Reach 5000 people with key hygiene messages, which will help keep people healthy and reduce the risk of disease outbreaks
  • Provide psychosocial first aid training to support people affected by trauma

“There is a grave humanitarian crisis underway that requires urgent attention.”

Marzuki Darusman, the Chairperson of the Independent International Fact-finding Mission on Myanmar.

Temporary shelters being constructed amongst fields in Bangladesh. Photo credit: Medair Nath Fauveau

Loss and rescue: An elderly refugee story

Aaid, a Rohingya refugee, is 72 years old. His wife and grandson were shot during the perilous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh. During his get-away from men with knives, he saw a little boy crying along the street while there was a house burning nearby; the boy was calling for his mum and dad who were nowhere to be found. Regardless of his own loss and fear, Aaid did not hesitate for a moment - he grabbed the boy and has been taking care of him ever since. This was an act of a hero. A hero who had difficulties walking himself. A hero who could only bring the clothes he was wearing, and of his family, only he and his daughter survived. But of the little he has, he's sharing everything with this little boy that he calls John. A survivor. Rescued by Aaid. And they are inseparable now. I think Aaid is clinging on to love and hope, and John is holding on to 'security and safety' - which he only found in his rescuer, Aaid. How unimaginable pain and loss became a story of love. Love that I would want to see more of in this world…

Wendy van Amerongen, Medair. December 2017.

Tearfund's partners are providing emergency relief and urgently needed supplies to newly arrived refugee families in Bangladesh.

Plus, every dollar you give will be doubled! All donations Tearfund receives will be matched dollar for dollar by the New Zealand Aid Programme until we meet our fundraising target.


Note: If funds raised exceed Tearfund’s requirements for this appeal, your gift will go to our General Disaster Fund for future disaster response and preparedness.

  • $17

    helps to provide a household with three winter blankets, socks and a warm hat for a child

  • $20

    helps to provide literary training for one Rohingya teenager

  • $43

    helps to train one person in Psychosocial First Aid

  • $137

    helps to run a Child Friendly Space for approximately 200 children, providing the salary of workers for one month