Anti-Trafficking Achievement Standard

"The Fight Against Human Trafficking" provides a well-researched, up-to-date resource for schools, informed by practical field experience of fighting modern slavery. It has been developed for Geography Level 3 (AS 91431 v2 (3.6) Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue.) However its material can be adapted for other courses.

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry. Young children, migrant workers, and indigenous people are particularly at risk of being trafficked. Domestic work, the commercial sex industry, agriculture, and manufacturing are key sectors of concern. Indeed, many of the goods we consume in our daily lives may have been produced by trafficked people.

Students explore the issue, focussing on the factors that fuel trafficking, the impact of modern slavery on individuals, communities and countries, and steps that can be taken to address this crime. Students also discuss their own practices and norms around the consumption of products of forced labour. Includes: Assessment, Marking guide, Exemplar Answers, and a Lesson Pack of activities for teachers with worksheets and case studies.

Gift for Life

Your class can raise money to buy high school scholarships for children overseas whose families are too poor to send them to high school, through Tearfund's Gift for Life. It's the perfect way to give unique and meaningful gifts to support Tearfund's projects overseas, while helping your students to educate their schoolmates, family and friends about the world's needs.

When you buy a Gift for Life gift, the money goes towards one of Tearfund's projects in the developing world - which includes giving the gift you've selected to a family in need. Once you've purchased a gift, we'll send you a card with a story of its impact. You can then give the card to your friend or family member.

"Free School" buys a high school scholarship. "Good to Goat" buys a goat for a family. "Double Shot" buys coffee plants for organic growers. And there are tons more!

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The Poverty Cycle

Does your school have a cycling team? How about a running club? Find a crew and enter a team in Tearfund's annual virtual Poverty Cycle challenge. You can take part from anywhere in Aotearoa! Simply walk, ride, run or create your own challenge based on the lengths of well-worn trafficking routes and fundraise to help bring freedom to people trapped in modern slavery. 

The Future Rides on us!

This event raises money for Tearfund's work combatting modern slavery overseas and for Brothers in Arms and 24/7 YouthWork mentoring programme. 

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Who Made Your Clothes? The Ethical Fashion Guide

Download the Ethical Fashion Guide and discover how your class can live more ethically and reduce the chance your clothes are produced by exploited workers and slaves. Learn about ethical consumption and how our purchases affect the people who made your clothes.

Your class and school can organise a launch for the annual launch of the Ethical Fashion Guide. Our staff may be able to visit your school to speak as part of this!

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