What impact does your church want to make in the world? What do you want to be known for? It’s a big question.

In scripture we're reminded of community and partnership - relying on each other’s skills, support, and gifts to accomplish God’s call. Moses had Aaron. Jesus had his disciples. Paul had partners along his journey. The church was built on relationships; relationships are God’s hands and feet in the world.

Let's join forces in partnership

Our partnership with the church has enabled Kiwis to sponsor over 35,000 children, provide assistance when disasters strike, generate thousands of small enterprises and aid in the eradication of Guinea Worm.

What does a church partnership look like?

It will be different for each church, depending on where you see God moving in your congregation. Here are some types of partnerships:

  • Cause focus: You may have a heart for one of our four causes.
  • Global focus: Your church can partner with us and have a truly global mission outlook; supporting development programmes around the world
  • Country focus: You may be passionate about impacting a specific nation where we work

Opportunities and resources:



Business plays a strategic role in building strong and healthy communities. No matter what size your business, we welcome the opportunity to work together in helping those in need and making this world a better place. You can partner with us in a variety of ways; all of which build a culture of generosity and team work in your business.

Partnership Potential


Business to community project

Employees love belonging to a business community that cultivates a culture of generosity. Talk to us about how you can connect with one of our five causes.

Poverty Cycle Corporate Challenge

Engage your staff in Tearfund’s Poverty Cycle challenge to build teamwork and engage with a good cause. This virtual physical challenge puts teams against each other to help bring freedom to victims of sex trafficking.

“The Poverty Cycle brings teams from many corporate backgrounds together, so other communities – local and global – can successfully live and work together.”
—Mike Pollok, MD Ricoh New Zealand Limited.

Pay-roll giving

Pay-roll giving allows employees to donate directly to Tearfund from their pay while ensuring they receive instant tax benefits that reduce your PAYE. It’s an efficient way to support Tearfund, while also ensuring employees receive tax rebates.

With other forms of donating, you normally have to wait until the end of the tax year to claim the tax rebate. Payroll giving, however, ensures you get the tax advantages immediately. If you donate $15 to Tearfund, you only have two-thirds of that, i.e $10, deducted from your pay.

This regular way of giving helps us to respond immediately in emergencies such as disasters. Email

Opportunities and resources


We want to inspire future leaders to learn, act and advocate for some of the most significant issues our world faces today around global poverty issues.


We’re always looking for wonderful university students and interested skilled individuals who want to use their talents to help our cause.

For universities with formal internship programmes, internships at Tearfund can be part of students’ coursework, with oversight and accountability to an academic supervisor.

Please fill out the form below or call 0800 800 777.

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