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The Muskathlon

The Muskathlon is an ultimate challenge in an extreme location, to raise funds to combat injustice. This Muskathlon will take place from 4 to 15 June 2020 in Indonesia. The event is for everyone no matter if you’re an experienced athlete or are just starting out.

There are a limited number of places available, I would encourage you to register your interest as soon as possible to ensure you secure you place.


Fundraise for children living in poverty

Knowing the incredible impact one-to-one sponsorship has on children in poverty, we ask that you aim to find sponsors for 10 children. For every new sponsored child, your fundraising target will be reduced by $1,000. Your target starts at $10,000.

That way, if you find sponsors for 10 children you’ve achieved your goal. If you find eight sponsors and $2,000 in donations then you’ve also reached the target! We have plenty of advice and tips to help you along the way. So, just one question remains: Are you in?

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"I came into the Muskathlon thinking it was for elite athletes and I was ok with that:  I’ve done a bit. But I was so wrong! 
Whilst there were certainly some accomplished runners, the majority of participants were people who wanted to make a difference and were prepared to give it a go.
For many, it was their first ever “race”! Even non-runners managed to get in shape enough to walk/jog the 21km. There is no excuse!" - Chris from Brisbane

The Muskathlon week

During the Muskathlon week you will be exposed to the raw reality of extreme poverty. We know Indonesia for its lush beaches and luxury vacations, but for a large part of the population, daily life is a struggle for survival. As always, children are the first and biggest victims of poverty.

However the sponsored children who are part of the Compassion projects are given the opportunity to develop and grow up to be loving, independent young people.

You get to experience a unique side of Indonesia, you can witness the consequences of severe poverty, but you also see how the church really makes a difference for people in great need.

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