An estimated 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery around the world.

Of the 40 million, 24.9 million are victims of forced labour, 4.8 million are victims of forced commercial sexual exploitation and 15.4 million are trapped in forced marriages.

This seven-part video series explores the factors that cause modern slavery to continue and the actions countries are taking to combat it. It looks at what the Bible says about slavery and the ways we can work to ensure we’re not contributing to modern slavery in our daily lives.

This series can be viewed as standalone videos, or used as a group study. We have provided a discussion guide with questions and further actions to go with each video.


As a general disclaimer, this topic is heavy and many of the videos describe instances of forced labour and sexual exploitation.

This series was recorded in 2021.

Learn more about how you can take action to help end modern slavery.