What is Lent?

In the background of the journey of Lent is the story of God entering the neighbourhood in the person of Jesus, living as one of us, suffering, going to the cross, embracing death and through that, allowing a whole new life to burst in – the resurrection. As we look at some significant aspects of the journey of change and empowerment that are embodied in Lent, spend some time considering how the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus relates to and could inform each of the topics. Lent comes most alive when we choose a practice to engage in. Traditionally, it has been a practice of self-denial - choosing to give something up. We would encourage you to engage in a regular practice of prayer, self-denial and charity.

What to expect

During Living Lent, we’ll explore a journey of change by bringing together:

  • The story of scripture
  • The empowerment that happens for those Tearfund works with
  • Reflections for you on your own life.

On Ash Wednesday and then each Saturday of Lent, you will receive an email containing an opening prayer, a thought, a scripture reading and a contemplative practice. These can be worthwhile to read and discuss in a group. From Monday to Friday each week, you will receive an email that contains one thought, question, quote or bible verse to contemplate. If you follow Tearfund’s Instagram account, you’ll then be able to follow a prompt from Monday to Friday each week.

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