It's the week before Easter!

It’s Holy Week. For the Church, the point of the tradition of Lent is to prepare ourselves for Easter.

As we journey through Holy Week, towards the cross and the resurrection, we have a chance to step back and to see what God has done.

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What is Lent?

Lent is a period where we focus on living, prayer, and reflection in order to grow closer to God. Traditionally, a core part of Lent was fasting, and in today’s world many Christians still choose to give up something important to them in the Lent period.

Tearfund’s Living Lent 40-day series will challenge you in many different ways to give up bad habits and try new things, all in an effort to reflect on how we can live a life of justice as outlined in the Bible.

In an exciting new element, you will be joined in your challenge this year by three of our own staff here at Tearfund, who will be sharing their Lent experiences in a weekly video. Alex and Sarah will be completing the same challenges as you, reflecting on the same issues, and hopefully committing to some lifestyle changes throughout the 40 day challenge. Meanwhile, Murray will be travelling through India and exploring their garment industry, video-blogging his experiences.

What to expect

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  • On Friday, you’ll follow Alex and Sarah’s journey through their video blogs
  • On Saturday, you’ll receive stories of celebration and hope


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