As we emerge from this lockdown, every fitness guru or social media influencer is asking you ….what have you achieved….how many kilos have you lost….what new language have you learnt, how many books have you read and what free Harvard Business school course did you take?

My guess is that for a good proportion of us we may be satisfied with being able to get out of bed and not spending all day in our Pyjamas bingeing Netflix.

So, let me begin by acknowledging that there have been at least a few days of lockdown where I have been that guy. No…. Tiger King was not on my binge list!

I have however been one of those fortunate enough not to have lost a job or a relative during this world defining season….I have had food in my cupboard, I have a home that is spacious enough to exist well with our three kids. I’ll be honest it hasn’t always been easy but it has been a blessing for our Whanau.
No nights out for Dad and uninterrupted attentive time together has truly been a gift that I am beginning to understand more fully. These are times… as author Patrick Lencioni puts it…. God has gifted us in a package we won’t fully understand until later”.
This Covid-19 season has gifted us the opportunity to at least become more aware of what is or should be higher on our priority lists. It has also helped us to see just what an uncluttered mind and heart can apply itself to.
The prayer of Moses in Psalm 90 helps me make sense of this….it reads…
12” So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.”
This past week I had the blessing of joining a Zoom meeting with fellow board members and the founders of the Loyal workshop in India. Other than working through the many unusual and perplexing elements for running a freedom business in that culture and city, we were able to hear about an exciting and transformational initiative birthed through the employees for their communities. Knowing that lockdown would further oppress and dehumanise the vulnerable in their community, their wise hearts hatched a plan to bless and support their neighbours.


In a community where 70-80 per cent of your life is spent in the alleyways and streets, the lockdown will see some die of hunger. Loyal employees are reaching out to needy neighbours with the help of international fundraising and local NGO to feed the most vulnerable. The women are living their new freedom — it is truly inspiring.
It encourages me to think about opportunities and ideas that I can encourage and build support for, within my church family. What is the Holy Spirit bringing to life through hearts given wisdom during isolation, reflection and time counting days?
In the new normal, post-Covid-19 world, I’m hopeful about what God will breathe his life into in this next season…and what we as pastors can promote and encourage as new priorities in our faith communities? How can we give these unique set of circumstances of isolation… forced abstinence….and slowing down the space to inspire new priorities?
Will your wise heart cause you to rise stronger in this new world?