Liminality is something we often flee from. The idea of liminality captures a time of change — a space of uncertainty, sometimes brought on by crisis. It can be that time between jobs, identity shifts, financial crisis; any time that places us at a threshold or precipice where we are no longer in the old, but nor are we in the new. It’s a bit of a desert space where much of who we think we are gets stripped away.

It’s a time when the arrogant veneer of certainty crumbles and we well and truly stand outside of our comfort zone. It’s often a time of fear, humility, shakiness and unknowing. It’s a time where the rug can feel like it has been pulled out from underneath us and we’re made to face our ‘demons’ and our mortality. It’s a thin space, and if we look through the story of the Bible, it’s in this place where God often shaped people — both individuals and communities.

There are stories in scripture of people and communities being plunged into liminal times, having much of who they thought they were or had become, stripped away, only to be reshaped by God. In that liminal space, they often faced the worst of who they were and the fears and uncertainty of such a space. In that space, they also discovered God in whole new ways and were reformed by His shaping.

Frank identifies the space that we currently find ourselves in. Some have returned to holding church services, while others are waiting until then can fully open their auditoriums again.
So what do we do with this space? This is the in-between. The on-the-boat part of the journey with Jesus, not yet across the river, but no longer on the shore. Do you feel a storm brewing, or do you feel a sense of calm because Jesus is with us?

No one can predict what awaits us for the rest of 2020. But we can rest in the fact that He will always journey with us to the other side, and we can be a part of what that landscape looks like.
Watch this video by an expat Kiwi. You may have seen it already, but it’s appropriate for this time, and you may wish to share it with your congregation.