Over the past several years, we have heard from Christian leaders all over the globe: “We feel ill-equipped to handle the issues of mental health in our churches and we need a simple programme to help.” Although this programme was in the works long before we knew about Covid-19, the opportunity for the Church to engage in mental health conversations is unprecedented and never been needed more.

Dr Henry Cloud has put together a powerful resource package to respond to the mental health issues in church communities—this includes videos, workbook and webinars.

Our CEO, Ian McInnes is a fan of Dr Cloud’s work: As Tearfund’s CEO, I have found Dr Cloud's biblically-grounded mental health advice to be very insightful and helpful as I lead my team through this lockdown and prepare for the post-Covid-19 season. I trust you will too.”
We have also featured an interview below with Dr Cloud from the Church Pulse Weekly podcast, where he talks more about the mental health challenges for pastors, and especially during a lockdown. Dr Cloud joins the interview at 24:16 minutes

ChurchPulse Weekly Live- April 13, 2020 from Barna Group on Vimeo.