When things crumble, where do we turn?

Guest blogger, Joel McKerrow

‘To God”, I hear you say, like the good leader you are.

Which might be our immediate answer, and indeed part of us does, but there are a great many place and people and things we turn toward when the world and our lives are broken. Some of there can be healthy ways of coping, some of these are not. We know about these unhealthy ways of coping for they are forever at our heels and whispering in our hearts. And to increase the pressure on church leader, there is a great temptation to keep these ‘thorns in the flesh’ well hidden.

Ask the many leaders who screwed it all up-they will tell you.

I have felt the pull into the shadow, Haven’t you? Though, to be honest, normally I don’t let myself feel it. I just ignore it. Pretend it’s not there. We just don’t want to admit it.

So we let the hidden things fester. We let them filter into other areas of our lives. Into our relationships, our work and our saviour complexes. Into our egos and our need to have the answers and be in control. Into our theologies. Ask your staff members. Ask your partners. They probably see the hidden things manifest from your life more than you do.

The problem comes when something, so seemingly small, suddenly becomes and infection. Becomes a virus. We know about those these days. How easy it was to ignore it all when it was just in China and far away…until it wasn’t. Until it was pandemic and everywhere. Until it was affecting how we all live. How easy to ignore the hidden things inside and let them fester until they affect everything.


How easy to ignore the hidden things in our society, in our communities, until they do the same.

Until knees on necks. Until protest. Until you look at the colour of your staff. Until someone points out the justifications of your bigotry against those who are different. Different colour. Different gender. Different sexuality. Different theology. There are SO many closest in the church my friends. Hidden places where the outcast feels labelled and ignored and alone.

So what does all this have to do with creativity you might be asking by now? Very simply…EVERYTHING.

You see the role of creativity in our lives is to reveal the hidden things. Plain and simple. Whether it is the internal hidden things you have ignored for too long. Whether it is the societal hidden things we have ignored for too long.

Creativity is never meant to be just a cool way to illustrate your sermon. Creativity is about naming things and getting under our skin. It is a Trojan horse. It is a hand ripping off our blindfolds. It is prophetic. It calls us into the new and uncomfortable. It comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.

So why are you afraid of it? And before you say…’I’m not’, then look at your life and tell me, are you creating? In any form? Out of the depths and the hidden places of who you are, are you taking the dark and naming it, for yourself, for your community to do the same? Are you giving the hidden ones opportunity to speak creativity and boldly to your community? If not…why not? I put it to you, most likely, it is because of our fear that the hidden things might just be revealed.


Joel McKerrow.

Writer. Poet. Speaker. Educator. Artist
Ambassador for TEAR Australia

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