Empty streets, lonely parks, and silent roads. As people isolate themselves at home, life in Ecuador looks different after their government imposed a lockdown to help stop Covid-19.

In remote Echeandia, children are at home. Just like children across the country, they wish they could still attend their Compassion child development centres but they understand the need to stay away. For Pastor Alexander, whose church delivers the child sponsorship programme, it’s important that the children stay home to keep safe from the virus. However, he believes it’s even more important they stay connected to the Word of God.

To spread love, rather than germs, the pastor is creatively using technology to safely share Bible stories over social networks with the children.

“I am not a You Tuber, or an influencer or anything like that,” he laughs “I just do not want to leave the children of my community on their own. I want them to know that in these moments of crisis, they are not alone and God cares for them.”

Alexander prepares his recordings every morning at home with his cell phone ready and the shot framed. With the help and support of his wife Marina, Alex readies the biblical, encouraging message that will be sent to the cell phones of parents whose children belong to Compassion’s programme.

Pastor Alex is not the only one who features in the videos. He has the help of “Coqui’, a fun puppet. With Coqui’s help, Alex shares prayers, Bible stories, and words of encouragement with the children and their families using his ventriloquist abilities. Sometimes Pastor Alexander even dresses up as a clown to capture the attention of children and to share laughter and joy.

“Creativity is very important at this time. Children feel alone and they are afraid. They need a familiar environment to feel good and safe. That is why through the videos, I want to transmit the peace of Jesus Christ to all the children.”

Alexander is a Peruvian missionary who has lived in Ecuador for several years. With his wife and two daughters, he dedicates his time to sharing the love of God in the small town of Echenadia. “

My job is to convey laughter and joy. While I record my videos for the children, I feel in my heart that I want to hug them and tell them that everything will be fine.” The Covid-19 crisis has forced the children away from the church.

However, the church is not the building. It is the body of Christ in action; the heart of men and women who have the call to love people, regardless of their situation.


Stories like this one are unfolding across the world as church ministry teams respond to this unique challenge.

They are facing this with all the courage, strength and creativity at their disposal and they continue to care for the children and their families. They are determined that they will rise as one.

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survive this crisis.

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