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This gift teaches someone in a developing country how to read and write. It opens up a world of opportunities for work and enterprise.

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“My name is Danda, and I am 67 years old. I got married at the age of 9 and wasn’t allowed food until I had done the housework. My husband then started to drink, play cards and beat me. Over the years I produced many children, but one of them has a disability which makes life difficult. Tearfund’s partner invited me to a literacy class in my village. My husband surprised me by encouraging me to attend. I can now read and write the Nepali alphabet. We women were limited at our home before, but now we are coming together and reading. I go regularly to class to inspire young women who are illiterate but too shy to come to read. I also inspire the older women to come in their old age. Importantly, it is my only wish to die writing my name and signature. I am hopeful that I will do it.” – Danda, Nepal

Example physical card


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