Vanuatu Cyclone Response

Donate to support people affected by tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin.

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Two category four cyclones have hit the nation of Vanuatu and have brought widespread destruction to crops and infrastructure.

Your immediate response today will help vulnerable families on the Tanna and Erromango islands to recover and re-establish their farms and livelihoods.

What’s happening in Vanuatu?

  • A state of emergency has been declared across 13 principal islands of Vanuatu following Cyclone Judy and Cyclone Kevin.
  • Our partner has reported widespread damage to gardens and crops, along with some damage to homes, buildings and infrastructure. There has also been flash flooding in some areas.
  • Gardens normally safe from flooding have been affected with water levels worse than anyone has experienced before.
  • Power is still being restored in some places and contact is limited with outer islands.

Your immediate response will help provide life-sustaining supplies to devastated communities.

Join Our Response

Tearfund’s partner is currently helping with the massive clear up. However, 90% of those living on the island of Tanna feed themselves, and their families, from what they are able to grow. Our partner’s biggest concern is that, due to the loss of crops, people will therefore not have enough food in the coming months. Income from commercial crops, such as coffee, will also be limited for some time.

Tearfund plans to help farmers recover and our partner has long-standing relationships with affected communities on Tanna. The immediate priority is to help get fast-growing crops planted so that fresh produce can supplement other food distributions. Going forward, we will help farmers get back to growing commercial crops and having sustainable livelihoods.

Will you please give to help people in the aftermath of this disaster?  

How you can help 


can provide three families with seedling packs.


can provide six families with seedling packs.


can provide ten families with seedling packs.

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Our Long-Term Impact 

Together with our donors, Tearfund’s partner has been building the disaster resilience of communities for several years. Donations to Vanuatu in the past, have protected lives and helped communities respond effectively during these recent cyclones.

For example:

+  Over 100 people used our partner’s evacuation centre and staff were offered pastoral support and food as people sorted out their houses. 
+  During Covid-19, Tearfund’s partner installed satellite internet to improve connectivity. This allowed us to connect with our partner straight after the first cyclone and it was used to spread information to communities about the next cyclone. As a result, people who had already started cleaning up and removing their shutters, returned to their safe shelters.  
+  Tearfund’s partner also sourced a generator to help maintain the internet while the power was down.  

It is because of our donors, that we have implemented these measures, and together, Tearfund will continue to equip our partner and the communities of Vanuatu to respond to future disasters.