East Africa Hunger Crisis

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The worst drought in 40 years, conflict and the fallouts from Covid-19 have led to an estimated 50 million people being on the brink of famine in East Africa. This is a severe and worsening crisis unlike any we have seen in decades.

Amid deteriorating levels of malnutrition, Tearfund is responding to those in need of humanitarian assistance. 

You can help us distribute emergency food to thousands of the most vulnerable families in East Africa.

Every dollar you donate to the East Africa Hunger Crisis will be matched by a major donor - doubling your impact.



What’s happening in East Africa, and in particular, Ethiopia?

  • Millions of livestock have died, and harvests have failed due to severe drought from the failure of three consecutive rainy seasons.
  • Recent internal conflict has displaced people. This has forced them off their land, taking it out of production and further reducing food availability.
  • Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have seen food prices skyrocket and food availability severely reduced, resulting in millions facing a catastrophic hunger crisis in Ethiopia and other East African countries.

Your immediate response will help provide lifesaving supplies to devastated communities.

Tearfund’s partners are responding by distributing:   

  • 1.3 million kg of emergency food to 13,000 vulnerable people over six months – as much as seven Boeing 747s.
  • A special supplement to 4550 pregnant and new mothers to aid the growth and development of children.
  • 39,000 litres of vegetable oil.

Will you please give to help people suffering in Ethiopia?

How you can help 


can feed one person for two months.


can feed a family of four for one month.


can feed one person for six months.

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+ Pray that people would respond quickly with funds to help deliver lifesaving interventions.

+ Pray for gradual rains to return and that people can plant crops again and feed their livestock.

+ Pray that our partners will successfully deliver emergency food to those who need it most.

+ Pray for the safety of those distributing emergency food.

+ Pray that the recent peace agreement in Ethiopia will be honoured.