Fragility and Fatigue
Blog by Aaron Ironside

Tearfund Talks:
With Tim Brown and Erica Griffin

More than a day off

Justice Conference
and The Big Quiz

Engaging Well:
Virtuous Communication

Tearfund Talks:
Justice Conversations with Frank Ritchie

Canceled: How the Eastern Honor-Shame
Mentality Traveled West

JK Rowling, among others,
sign letter denouncing cancel culture

Guest Blog: When things crumble,
where do we turn?

Tearfund Talks:
Justice Conversations with Cindy Ruakere

Tearfund Talks:
The NZ Worship Movement

Blog: Creativity as
a Prophetic Expression

Blog: The church is rising up
around the world

Tearfund Talks:
Disaster and Conflict

Tearfund Talks:
Modern Slavery

Blog: Coffee creating

Guest blog: Jon Hoskin
Joining in the spirit’s mission

Don’t let a pandemic
turn you into a Gnostic

Tearfund Talks:
Bringing intentional change

Core convictions
for creating change

Tearfund Talks: 
Don’t go back to normality

Blog: Dan Sheed

‘Packing for the future’

Liminal space:

Rev Frank Ritchie

Where are the true prophets

in a time of coronavirus? By Michael Frost

Rise As One

Children are not disposable

Churches That Heal

Rising Strong

Congregational Challenges Now
Facing Churches

Tearfund’s Psychosocial Support Post Disaster or Crisis Resource Kit

Blog: Faith in Agriculture

Tearfund Talks

Tearfund Talks:
Dr John Tucker

Syria Behind the Lens: Video series
with reflective questions booklet 

A Deadly Epidemic

Easter is a time of reflection and reckoning, especially during lockdown

Cyprian’s Response to the Epidemic

Guest Blog: Alan Jamieson

Covid 19 and Refugees –
When Self-Isolation is a Privilege

Covid-19 Is Coming For
The World’s Most Vulnerable