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Creative ways pastors are reaching out to their congregations

Personal videos – people want the reassurance of a friendly face and who better than their pastor. Personal video updates that are simple, reassuring and give information on changes at church are getting huge views.

Facebook Live website streaming and recording of Sunday services. There have been some great video messages and churches have been receiving a lot of positive feedback and engagement as they do this!

Youtube or Spotify playlists: Churches are selecting worship songs from youtube and making a Sunday playlist. People can worship their hearts out at home, then tune into the message being live streamed.

Home group networks are gathering people up and using these established points of connection to either physically (last Sunday) or digitally (this Sunday) remain in community and care pastorally for each other. Zoom, Skye, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are all working well.

• Those millennials thought Facebook was dead  but it is again proving to be a valuable tool for churches, allowing connectivity and messaging on a vast scale.

Does your church have a crisis management plan?


Download Plan

It is a good idea to work together on a plan if you don’t have one already.  Download this very helpful version.  It details a set of questions you can work through and gives a helpful example of a sample plan. It is shared with permission from CCCNZ (written by Daniel Diprose)  

Church of 100 Live Streams to Thousands

Daniel Marais from the ACK North Shore. Embracing new technology and live streaming the church service for the first time to over 3000 people.
We are all learning fast in this daily changing world thanks to Covid-19. On Auckland’s North shore a small church who would normally have about 100 people on a Sunday was grappling with how to go live and record the pastor’s message.

With a bit of help from a few church members who have some experience in going live on Facebook, a plan was put in place to stream the Sunday message. The beauty of being a small church means you can quite quickly make contact with everyone and before they knew what had happened the Facebook post giving the link to join the Sunday message was shared by all their members and on-shared by many others. On Sunday the pastor spoke about returning home using Luke 15: 11-24 (the parable of the lost son). He did so to a crowd of over 3000 viewers from across NZ and the world!

This new normal is creating a way to connect across borders, neighbourhoods and living rooms. It gives unprecedented access to “The Church“at a time when people are reaching out to God in prayer. So keep learning and growing in confidence as you adjust to life in lockdown proclaiming the Good News of Christ.

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