With your help we can support two sets of people. Firstly, the families currently sitting in overcrowded refugee settlements.

Secondly, the incredibly courageous doctors, nurses and community health workers who are now putting their own health at risk to save others.

Social distancing is not possible in refugee settlements where tents are tightly squeezed together as far as the eye can see. There are very limited medical facilities in the camps and no emergency services nearby.

A looming disaster awaits the world’s most vulnerable communities. Will you help save lives?
Our local partners are on the ground right now working extremely hard to source and provide hygiene kits and basic medical care to keep refugees safe in the immediate days and weeks ahead.

With your help we can fund that urgent work, slow the spread of COVID-19 among refugees and halt its impact on the world’s most vulnerable. Will you help us do this? 

As Kiwis we have the privilege to social distance, we have the right to medical care, we can afford to put healthy food on our tables and buy hand sanitiser, soap and wipes. These people don’t.  We need to stand with these people and that time is NOW. 

How you can help


 will provide  500 Protective gloves 


 will provide 3 lifesaving hygiene kits 


 can provide official N95 Facemasks for key medical personnel and community health workers  


"We are entering monsoon season soon, and the situation looks set to deteriorate further. In the coming weeks, we will focus on critical and lifesaving support – primary healthcare, moderate and severely malnourished children, emergency shelter assistance, and suspected COVID-19 isolation and referral”

Carl Adams – Country Director,  for Tearfund's partner, Medair, in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh