As economic turmoil reigns worldwide, extreme poverty is set to rise sharply, tipping millions back into poverty and wiping out the gains we’ve made over many decades. Criminal minds have taken advantage of the pandemic, and cybersex exploitation trafficking reports have increased by 30%. 


Cybersex trafficking is a crime that thrives in the shadows and is not easy to find or stop, but our partners have a track record of doing just that. With your help, we want to continue to combat this abuse and the devastation it brings.


She has a name 

Every enslaved and exploited person has a name, a story and once dreamed of growing up loved and secure. 

In one of our recent cases, Thai Law Enforcement agencies asked our partner to help investigate a case where a mother was selling sexual images of her six-year-old daughter to an offender in Europe. His phone records also showed he was planning to fly to Thailand. Our local team removed the child from home, and sadly, the mother had to be arrested. Our partner’s forensic work helped to identify other offenders who were also buying images from the mother. 

The girl is now safe with a relative and our social worker will ensure she receives the care she deserves while the rest of the team pursue justice for her.

“What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?”   Matthew 18:12 

Together we can make this happen in 2021

We've seen encouraging support from Kiwi's, but there is still more to do. Give now.

our.png approach 

With over a decade of success behind us, our razor-sharp “5P Approach” is
proven, tested and is having a significant impact. 



Getting to the root of the problem 


Rescuing victims and bringing perpetrators to justice 


Healing for survivors through aftercare services  


Working together with others to find and stop traffickers  


Supporting anti-trafficking policies that protect the vulnerable 

And itWorks


Over 500 survivors of trafficking have been assisted 


281 offenders arrested 


2,120 years of prison sentencing 

Why ONE? 

Because God cares about the ONE and so should we. And ONE is always worth it.

That’s why you’ll find our partners working all over the world to fight injustice, push back the darkness and fight for the ONE.

With every operation we’re able to undertake, more vulnerable children are
protected from this violent and degrading abuse.
Every single operation sends the message to the community that we’re in it to end it.

Will you help us?